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The story of the Hebrew people didn't begin without women. Abraham did not set off alone on his trip to the Promised Land. He brought with him Sarai, his wife. Yitzhak did not leave his parents before getting married too, and not with any woman but Rivka. Yaakov again left his parents' tent only to find a woman, his wife, and not any wife but the daughter of his uncle. These forerunners of the Jewish people were not the first on such a marital path and Adam before them did not begin his known life under the sun before finding his woman too, thanks’ God, and he did not repudiate her for her sin because he was not stronger than her in observing God's commandment that was at the time limited to one: not eating a particular fruit.

As usual, there are many teachings behind the story but one is emerging strong enough to shine alone, that is, the law of God is not made for the individual, the spoken law has no priority over the law of nature which is to live and, what is to live if not to share one's destiny with a woman ? Romeo and Juliet have had famous ancestors but Shakespeare stopped short of the true reason of love. Loving a woman is such a profound event in a man's life because without a woman, men cannot love God. Without a feminine partner, man's love cannot arise strong enough to understand its fundamental importance, without a woman, man's love of God is limited to obeying His law without understanding its universality, its uniqueness, its greatness.

The law is not the basis of life. Law and life are equally important; they are the two sides of God's coin, the two pillars of mankind. Man alone is set to respect laws and he needs a woman to respect for becoming complete, for reaching his unity and for being able to obey the law without becoming its servant. Man's destiny is not to be a follower of laws, be they natural or divine, but a creator of life in God's image and he cannot implement it alone. Without a woman, man will follow either the natural laws of the moral laws but for their own sake, and consequently, he will pervert them only because he is not able to follow both at the same time, he will become either an idolater or a savage, he will walk outside his identity and will look for reasons to support what he does, he will create his own laws neither natural nor divine, he will get lost on his own way without any chance of fulfilling his inner self.

 As long as man does not see in women the godly side of their nature and that procreating is not an aim in itself but the result of God's will, as long as men and women do not see in their children the blessing of God and the result of both natural and divine laws, humanity will remain a lost arch on its way to the abyss. Love between a man and a woman is the unique and only step to loving God for human's love is the corner stone of the love of God and eternity … poets are getting it right on that point. This explain why God's first promise to Abram was that he would become the father of a people because he did not leave Sarai to follow God but they were together on God's road  from the beginning to the end. Ichmael, who was not the son of loving parents kept his faith and his respect to his father alone and consequently to the law, and, on the opposite, Essav who was  not interested in getting married went out on the natural path solely to become a beast. It must be noted that had he wanted, one of Lavan's daughter was supposed to become his wife, Lea, as Rachel was Yaakov's bride to be ... We know the story of what resulted from Essav's ignorance that forced Yaakov to marry both.

So, let's summarize that the relation of man alone to God is the law. Man without a woman is putting the law at the forefront of his duty, forgetting the life's path, and this is precisely what we've got all around the world, not only with Jews because first and foremost, man views himself as the boss and relegates woman to a separate inferior level. When the Jews went in exile*, mostly men were taken into slavery as in Babylon where they created the Talmud. Jews who fled the Roman invasion centuries later and who found themselves looking for a life as second category citizens in Rome and who later when Christianity prevailed fled to the north and where at the root of Ashkenazim where also men of whom the only part of Israel they kept was the law. They taught their non-jew wives the Law but could not teach them the love of God... That's why Ashkenazim are cold blooded Jews who worked for the next millennia on the law alone. The European women whom they 'converted', they taught them to love the law, neither life nor God.

This is why those half-Jews can become so tyrannical toward others, their women and children coming first among the today Haredim and, when they even forgot the law, they become evil as the nazis. This is the explanation to the crimes that they have been accomplice to with the most insane murderers of the last few centuries and how they are engaged in the NWO eugenic and satanic 'program'. From King David** to Gamliel, Shabtai Tsvi to Rotschild, from Marx to Schneerson, those depraved ex-Jews, because they are no more Jewish at all, they have taken the law out of God's hand and done as they please, they have put aside their duty to respect life and they advocate the right to be their own masters, the right to create their own laws, the right to be like gods although they behave like demonic slaves.

*Interesting is the report of the first Jewish exile in Assyria, 2 KingsChapter 17

**descendant of Ruth the Moabite

ET: There is a huge number of male migrants that went to Sweden last year, vastly more than women. We read that the demographic imbalance in Sweden is now even worse than China. Is this correct?
TS: Maybe in some age group, but not in overall terms of course. Some 92% of those unaccompanied migrants were male last year…
ET: … Wait a minute, 92% of them are male?
TS: Yes, there is definitely something strange going on. More than half of the world’s refugees are women. In World War II, when Sweden took refugees from Finland, they were children and 90% were below the age of 10. But now almost all of them are late teenagers – supposedly; we know many are older for a fact. When other countries age test it turns out that the majority are not children.

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