Monday, December 09, 2013


Unlike big cities in Europe or China and indeed most of the world, suburbs in America are not built with many storey buildings but small houses on vast pieces of land.
This particularity if managed as it should could lead to small scale communities that could thrive without having to cling to big centers as it is without having to change the landscape and the habitat.
Each suburb could have its own organic farms, its own food cooperatives and all the services needed that would at the same time provide work becoming nearly autonomous by the way.

There are plenty of empty housing units and industrial premises that are just waiting to become refitted for that very purpose. Small businesses could sprout all over so that the present malls would not be useful anymore. People would cooperate, know and help each other, share the locally produced milk and honey in local small scale farms and gardens. Comunity gardens will no more be the exception but the norm, playgrounds will buzz with children's laughters ... Is it a dream ?

(all abandoned houses pics from Google street view)

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