Saturday, December 21, 2013


The one answer at our disposal TODAY is Boycott.

Boycott everything they use to make money out of us, every item fit to enslavement. CocaCola, Walmart, New Cars, TVs, Movies, Shows, Beer, Perfume, Meds, War toys, Airplanes, 'Holydays', Voting, Gadgets, Games, Sport's mass events, Mac Dos' ... Whatever, the list is yours.

Boycott is everyone everyday's vote THAT COUNTS !!!!!

If you can afford a $10.000 new car, buy one for$1000 and give $9000 to the local mechanic to fix it, you'll get a better deal and you'll provide for a few other families instead of financing the Big Asses. Just an example. 

Corporatism is Nazism because corporations are evil oriented and protected by the governments. We can hurt them there and it is a non-violent legal action. We can starve them and make them crumble while we will create ties with our local communities. 
In the precedent example, when you bring your new-old car to the repair shop, tell him why you did it, explain to your neighbour why you did that, to your children ... It will not go unnoticed.
It can even become the new trend !

The important point in trying to starve the beast as an individual 
may not be the act in itself because it might take many years but
showing the way and giving an opportunity to talk about it:

"Everyone, and I mean everyone needs to become a citizen journalist and report on the abuses of this administration and the banksters  who control the politicians. For if we do next to nothing, we are very likely sealing our fate."

We must reorganize outside of the evil empire, and TALK together. There are ways !!!
Don't wait for God or a Leader !

My new-old car under the snow ...
I bought it $1500 (cars are expensive in Israel)
It has costed me $4000 with repairs.
Works like new now except a few secondary things that must wait for cash ...

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I like the last sentence of this comment picked on the

"33 thoughts on “All Major League Sports Facilities Are the New FEMA Camps

CEO constitutional enforcement officer
January 30, 2014 at 6:22 am

You are so right brother Dave we have the most coveted weapon to stop this demonic assault on our personal integrity and freedom, bill dollar bill , it is the only weapon that has more power by NOT using it,or withholding it. Americans willfully without any critical thought line up and march to spend their hard earned money to have their families humiliated and for what?. Stop flying and tsa will go away, stop attending sporting events in which owners not only want your money but your free dignity given to you by God not man.
Just the treasonous decision by these owners should not only stop all thinking Americans from attending but also not watching on tv or buying their products , this problem would disapeer overnight, instead we refuse to defend our God given freedoms by just simply witholding our coveted weapon which happens to be their god the doller. We could turn this thing around and not even fire a shot, I mean everything would change by just keeping your money and freedom, what power and we refuse to use it.
Americans have put God in a position to judge us because we wont even execute judgement on ourselves. Stupid is as stupid does!!!

Concerning false flags, martial law ...

The PTB players are like gamers who crave to win more & more, "they" crave to rule until "they" die of it with us all. It is like heroin, the ultimate addiction. Money is just a medium. Luxury a boring hoby. Wars an appetetizer. The real thing comes in the end, literally. Neron, Rome in flames. Skull & bones. 

These are the ones who gives the cards, from DC to Beijing, Ryadh to Jerusalem, Moscow to London, Berlin to Rio, and behind the doors, prominently. I believe we could still win over at a certain point, between day and night. After the outrage, because we need a majority to stand up and without a big event it won't raise up, but before the final round up that will take a certain amount of time. There is in my opinion a critical time with a portal to snatch the victory under their feet. Very elusive but decisive  as a swift pinion puts on the overdrive.

Obviously, mankind needs to (re)act now, NOW, because we are already enslaved, for a great part physically - India, China, Indonesia + Africa, Middle East, South America and the world's poors - and a lesser mentally - the West - but the global countdown has begun. Fukushima, viruses, chemtrails, GMOs ... all of which are threats unleashed and in their infancy. We MUST REVOLT !! The sooner the better !

While in the universe there must be darkness for the stars to shine, should we wait for Armageddon so that those heroes who lie dormant in all of us dazzle ?



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