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Let's talk a little without any precise subject to conclude the year 2013 and this blog together because I've got to move on with different things that won't allow me to go on for a while, and because I have already in mind my next blog that will be devoted nearly exclusively to Torah. It will be named: "Recapturing Torah" and the main purpose will be, with Hachem's help, to show that the Torah has been totally misunderstood and hijacked to promote sectarian interests, and that its true message is really what it should have always been: a light in the darkness of man's mind and social life.

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My last thought after five years of blogging, and around forty of intellectual evolving,  is that 99,9999% of mankind is living in a prefabricated illusory world. Day after day, century after century, humanity is adding bricks to its artificial view of the world. Without erasing the previous chimeras it has built, the main game is to add new ones. Layer after layer, humanity has burried itself under its own mountain of illusions.

The net result is that we live illusory lives centered around fake beliefs that no one even try to challenge because it would not only mean a separation with the great majority of contemporary people but also with what one views as mankind's history, as the reality of life. The whole society is an illusion coopted by us all and driven by a faction of people that have a huge interest for such a fallacy to exist because they make their profit of our ignorance and complacency to remain in our bubble.
(>Space-Time and Imagination)

Those people who are called these days the 'Powers That Be', the Illuminati, the NWO ... have in fact always existed since ancient times with different names and appearance but with always the same components: the mixture of brute power with maleficent brains. One of the oldest recording of this type of wicked people might be Nemrod. The drive behind those evil spirits is individual profit at the expense of the majority.

Mankind's knowledge is both too much and too little. We know, learn and teach too much of artificial information, what Platon would call opinion, but not enough of real expertise based on nature. Most of the science is devoted to see the world through theories, most of the people try to become someone instead of researching who they are. Man tries to find year after year what is the best way to look like but not to find out who he is originally intended to become. No need to be a criminal to be placed in a cage because mankind has created its own universal cell since millenaries. In the picture below, not only the young woman stands behind bars* but all those who look at her, you and me included.
(>The Creative Flowering of Humankind)

* ... And man ! On what grounds ? She's not even a criminal !!
The police state is worldwide, from America to China, Russia
to South Africa, Japan, the Arab states, Israel, everywhere.
Reminds me that imo, the most important event of 2013 had
been the aborted American attempt to step in the Syrian war
end the possible ignition of a third world war ...
'They' are at it, People !!!
Good Cops ? -
There is “The Law” – and there is Right (and Wrong) -

American, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, English, democrat, constitutional, holydays, technology, Christian, Muslim, Jew, championships, olympics, peace, war, nation-states, freedom, equality, liberty, brotherhood, gnosticism, secrets, drugs, Burgundy wine, Heineken, videogames, evening news, tomorrow, next year, Freud, Voltaire, Mandela ... Whether you're for or against, whether you engage or you abstain, whether you prep or you drink, no matter what, you know what ? you're like hamsters who get the big wheel turning.

Nation-states for example are better than a global tyranny, but they have been one major tool of mind control for millenaries. "I am American". Big deal. Then what ? "I am Republican". Gosh !! "I am Buddhist". Yep, you know, I need some fresh air because the two former are heavy to get along but wooo !! It's my pride, my duty, my ... All wrong from scratch, flunk, total loss.

James Brown was on the right path. "I'M A MAN",endpoint. The door is open because you too are a man. And the guy on the other side of earth is also a man. People who kill people are no more men. They are mind controlled robots. They need all that they think their identity is made of and they need to fight for their illusion because at the beginning, they don't know who they are, or better said, they have been taught from birth that they are so and so ad nausea. The first stone being the national flag, the national anthem, the nation-state. Yeah ! In what name people have killed the most in history if we don't take into account the root cause (greed, power, pride ...) ? Religion and nation, the two basic concepts by which men are defining themselves. Think of it !! (Add corporation & u get the whole pic)

Life, real life is not what you have learned to believe. Real life is not a place furnished with preconceived bricks of knowledge, real life is a walk on the edge of a sword. Real life means evolving on the razor's edge. If we had the courage of not relying on artificial concepts, if we were brave enough not to fight for the comfort of being a prefabricated person, if we were real men, we would not fight for keeping our artificial nature against that of our neighbor, we would not fight to defend the illusions that are creating our own slavery, we would open our eyes, our arms, our hearts to life in all its forms, no matter what because the only thing we share that is not an illusion is life. Life is not a precast scenario where you got to fit as a lego.

Life is a walk on the summit of the existence, between past and future, between birth and death, between good and evil, life is a very tenuous path where the slightest move left or right can change the destiny. But, to become aware of that, you must beforehand get rid of all the social illusion you've been fed with from all the years you've lived around. Life is a delicate process, the most fragile experiment that exist in the universe but it takes a long time to become aware of that because we are immersed in a world of deception, of trickery, of subterfuge. And not only on the part of the NWO but quite 'naturally'. That is the main colossal problem we have to face, alas with so little hope to win, in the end.

The concept of life as a permanent tipping point is not weird at all when considering the extraordinary accuracy of the balance that the universe has achieved to reach the exact and specific conditions for the apparition of life. This pinpoint equilibrium is not only related to the material part of the world since matter and mind are intricated to the point that it is increasingly difficult to draw a partition line between both.. This makes me wonder how, humanity being what it is, and considering all the harm that it has inflicted upon itself for ages, the world has not tilted toward a faster extinction. Is it that there would be a sort of 'reserve of good', from an 'existing tank (Gen: "God saw that it was good") as to compensate gradually our fatal aberrations ? Or that despite the enormity of the evil we perform, it finds a compensation in the good we do anyway ? Or, more probably as I believe, is that all evil would not need to be balanced against by good because it would not really impact the universe's fate because the good is the one and only cause of its existence and sustainability ?

The sole reality of evil doing is its none existence beyond the apparent destruction. When we do evil, we do no good. Evil is destroying twice by its immediate effect and by the lack of good that could have been performed instead but, in the end, it does not affect the balance of the world that does not rely upon it to exist. Then, the only path of recovery for man is not to cry for his misery but to get along the right path as mush as one can ... Yes we can ! That's easier to say than to do because we're so used to the thinking that we have to fight evil. Nonsense. Evil is like a blackhole that does not exist by itself but by its potential of sucking the good that would have existed if it was not there. We just must concentrate on doing good and of course, doing good includes reporting the sources of evil to be able to avoid them, to get away from them and not to literally 'fight' them. Such a task is as much individual as collective. One does not go without the other.

In order to walk along that path, we have two ressources, one inside, the consciousness, and one outside, the perennity of nature and particularly the animal world that has not been perverted by man's illusions, I'd say by the brain's rational side, by the cartesianism. The first law we should obey is that of the heart and about it, the (true) Christians are well positioned to lead the way. It is not enough to awaken because one must revolt and to get there, you need a heart that bleeds for others. However, it is still not enough to revolt but we must organize and confer to work together in the same direction ... Every individual is a whole universe by him/herself. What we need though is finding common ways to get the society welcoming all those unique worlds without falling prey to the ones among us that are using this diversity to ponder us with laws destined to enslave everyone at their profit and reign by the lowest common ground in which I would both include depravation and illusion.

Well, that's it for a while !!

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