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Since the US backtracked from an Iran war, the insane Israeli Gvt is preparing a solo move at a high pace.
The only thing that the IDF needs for going through is the AWACS but, fortunately, the Saudis got one ...

Blowing hot and cold: perverse Peres smiles at Rohani while Bunny Bibi still blasts his hate.

The best proof that the game is reaching its end is that "Though the defense minister recommended stopping distribution of ABC kits, the Home Front continues distributing gas masks to public"

Peres: Willing to meet Iran's Rohani

Saudi intelligence chief met Israeli officials in Geneva

Israelis In Secret Trip To Saudi Bases

US moving away from Saudi Arabia and Israel

And since I am at it, let me say that the Jews are no more responsible of Bibi, Rotschild & co than Americans are of Obama, Bush & Kissinger as Chinese are of their evil leaders and so on for all people of the world. We are all in the same boat of lack of unity and cowardice to confront the tyrants. There are some sprouts here and there but these small scale events are far from crossing the threshold for a definitive change !
... Or maybe we are responsible as a matter of fact, aren't we ??

Yes, who is enrolling in the armies of lawyers, scientists, professors, security officers ... and work for the NWO ? Our sons. The day will come when we'll take over for the world's happiness only if we teach our children true values of dignity, charity, respect of all life kinds ... Are we ready ? Do you still wear a shirt with a gun, a big brand ... ? Then you deserve what is and we all suffer of your egoistic dumbness. No gun will change our world but ideas taught from the cradle, no more, no less.

(notice the intruder LGBT flag ...)

(all pics from RT 'in vision')

Here's the end of a fantastic text from Jon Rappoport:

"Societies and civilizations are organized around some concept of the common good. The concept always deteriorates (if it was ever genuine to begin with), and this is because it is employed to lower the ceiling on individual power rather than raise it.

“Be less than you are, then we can all come together in a common cause.”

It’s essentially a doctrine of sacrifice—everyone sacrifices to everyone else, and the result is a coagulated mass of denial of self.

It is a theme promoted under a number of guises by men who have one thing in mind: control.

It’s a dictatorship of the soul. It has always existed.

Breaking out of it involves reasserting the power of imagination to invent new and novel realities.

Under a variety of names, this is art.

Promoting the image of the artist as a suffering victim is simply one more way to impose the doctrine of sacrifice.

In 1961, when I began writing and painting in earnest, I had a conversation with the extraordinary healer, Richard Jenkins, whom I write about in my book, The Secret Behind Secret Societies. This is my note from that time about what Richard told me:

“Paint what you want to, no matter what anyone else says. You may not always know what you want to create, but that’s good. Keep working, keep painting. You’ll find your way. You’ll invent something new, something unique, if you don’t give in. You’ll see everything in a new light. Reality is a bad joke. It’s nothing more than what everyone assents to, because they’re afraid. They’re afraid of what people will say. They’re afraid they have far more power than they want to discover. They’re afraid that power will lead them away from common and ordinary beliefs. They’re afraid they’ll become a target for all the masses who have surrendered their own lives and don’t want to be reminded of it. They’re afraid they’ll find out something great about themselves…”

Nothing I’ve experienced in the 50 years since then has diminished what Richard said to me.

These fears are all illusions that disintegrate when a person shoves in his chips on imagination and makes that bet and lives it."

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