Friday, December 20, 2013


The only people in the world who could call themselves 'Jews' are those who live in Israel and who abide by God's laws - NOT what the 'religious Jews' say about them. And those people should not even call themselves 'Jews' but Hebrews, from the world 'Ivri' derived from 'ever' meaning 'the other side'. 

There is no Jewish religion, this is an illusory invention. Hebrews are supposed to form a people who live together and share the same rules. There has never been a Hebrew outside of Israel. There has never been a Hebrew who does not practice God's laws.

When a Hebrew leaves Israel, he is no more a Hebrew, neither a 'Jew'. When a Hebrew does not practice God's laws, he is out also. When most of the Hebrews in Israel stop abiding by God's laws, they are deported, conquered, annilihated. 

Today, there are some 15 million people who claim to be Jews. These range from:
- 'Orthodox Jews' who wear 18th century black clothes and practice a religion* that turns them  into followers of sects 
- to 'leftist Jews' who are atheists and believe in communism or socialism,
- and 'liberal Jews' who strongly support capitalism and keep an edulcorated form of religion.

There are other categories of 'Jews' according to their geographical origins: Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Mizrahim, from India, Ethiopia ... These categories are themselves subdivided with no end.

There are also categories of 'Jews' according to the place they presently reside: 'Israeli Jews', 'American Jews', 'French Jews', 'English Jews', Italian, Turkish, Morrocan, Russian ...

There are also 'gay Jews', 'porn Jews', 'news Jews', 'Jews for Jesus', 'Satmar Jews', 'mafia Jews', 'zionist Jews', 'anti-zionist Jews' ...

What do all these 'Jews' have in common ? Nothing except the illusion to be 'Jews'. Israel is not a 'Jewish state' and more so not a Hebrew state because in the first case, to be 'Jewish' is an illusory concept and in the second, the illusory 'Jews' who live in Israel are as far as being Hebrews as horses are from being birds.

Except for a few Sephardim, 99% of the people who call themselves 'Jews' have not one drop of blood from the original Hebrews. 'Jews' are neither a race nor a belief-system. 'Jews' are only a comfortable invention for those who use the concept to provide themselves with an identity and at the same time for those who have an interest in creating scapegoats. 

So, let me tell you a great truth: by punching the 'Jews', you're punching an empty bag, and that's precisely what the Powers That Be love most !!!

*Let me remind you what is a religion. He who consider himself religious believes in God, I don't deny that. However, the God he believes in has been crafted by men, rabbis, priests, imams, monks ... Religious people trust their God Who is a particular God because He is not the God of other religions. Religious people ask the delegates of their God to know what to believe and how to perform their religion. Although they believe in God, they obey human surrogates. According to Wikipedia, there are some 4200 religions on earth ...

NB I could have inserted, as examples of their astonishing differences, photos of all the kind of 'Jews' but here is but a small example in words (source):

NB2 What's true for the 'Jews' is not wrong either for most kinds of groups on earth as defined by notions of nations, states, religions. (see my last post)

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