Monday, September 10, 2018


The Rothschild’s have never left Frankfurt am Main. Leopards don’t change their spots. They had financed Wellington and Blücher against Napoleon, they supported the Anglo-Saxon rule for some two centuries, and they have accustomed the world to a global dominance scheme only to strengthen individual states in order to reach the present day: a so-called multiverse ruled by the stick that nobody would want or hope to escape.

The NWO has always been an utopia in their eyes because they know pretty well that a world domination cannot be accomplished by a single power but, through this acknowledged aim, they have drawn the people to desire local tyrannies more than a global one. Goal reached !!

Nationalism is at an all-time high and, thanks to the technological progress, individual states have never been so strong in their oppressive managements of their ‘citizens’ while 'citizens' are dumbed down to a never seen level. There is no more need of a global Sheriff. The Anglo-Saxon reign has come to the end after two centuries of world dominance, to the sorrow of England and America. The arm race has been won by Russia, without surprise for those in the know, and it is now some time that China, oops, the People’s Republic of China is the world engine of material goods production and the currency over loaded belly. They are ruled by Jesuits (China) and Chabad (Russia) from whom the Orthodox church receives its marching orders.

 And behind the veils, you not only find the Black Pope, the City, the Deep State or whatever but Bill Gates, Bezos & co that are small players to cover the front news. The real and only power is hidden and well in the Heartland, the Nuremberg, Frankfurt Munich triangle where Google street view has no access …

I am particularly puzzled that no alternative news has offered this picture of reality that a freelance thinker like mine is able to decipher so much easily !!!
Am I wrong ? You bet !

Then so, while Putin is toning down Bibi, while Angela still wears light blue jackets, while Xi smiles to the cameras, all comes to a grip that has never been around. 2018 has seen the most important change in world domination and everyone drinks beer, including me !!!!

Chana tova* …

* That is, ironically, because there are only 3 celebrations in the Jewish faith: Pessah, Shavuoth & Succoth. The other 3 that the talmudists, Purim, Rosh Hashana & Chanuccah added are counterfeit and deceitful pagan celebrations.


Golden Dragon, new Israeli buses, new world Sheriff


Le Grenoble-Gap

F-Am Main


Sunday, April 29, 2018


It is so convenient to believe in the social world order !!
Russian, catholic orthodox, nationalist,
American, atheist, leftist.
Hindu, Buddhist, traditionalist.
Nations like religions like politics are empty illusory criminal concepts. Although individual who view their appurtenance in groups as positive and enlightening choices, the math doesn’t apply to the outcome.
Nations like religions like politics become as soon as they exist tyrannical powers detrimental to the very people who casted their vote for them. (Corporations are but a byproduct of that deviant state of mind)

Man is born to be a family leader. Alas, this is too much and too little for him. Being a family leader implies taking one’s responsibility, being a role model, a teacher, a serviceman, and all this and much more is too much for him as he views the family unit as a petty, restricted space to develop his pride of thinking of himself as a great man. Man sees the group as the natural place to engage his faith and his talent into. The group, the bigger the better, is where he belongs to because a place in a group rewards his dreams of greatness. Better being the servant of a universal leader than being himself a leader in a small place. In the first case, all honors with no responsibility as in the second, all responsibilities with no honor, no collective honor to be precise.

In order to fulfill his ‘folie des grandeurs’, man will create one after the other unreal bodies destined to give him the illusion of belonging to a greater reality than that of the only one in town, his family. They created nations, they created religions, they created national and world events of sports, they created an infinity of networks, of clans, of mafias, of … Madness !!! Total madness.

Then so, after having delegated his true power as a family leader, not only man has lost it but he didn’t gain any other since all these groups change all the time, fight one another taking along in their fall all that had become identified to their fates.

The best example is that of the Hebrew people at the time of the prophet Schmuel when they wanted to become a nation and desired a king. This folly sealed the beginning of their disappearance as a natural and united people ...

There is no social world order but there is a natural one which should become the only game in town. The natural world order begins and ends with the family. Every family should be sovereign, have its land and its duties. The families should meet together on a local level to run the common interests. If all the might deployed for the management of nations and armies, religions and politics were employed to create, develop and run local life as it should be, the earth would become the paradise for the human species as it is intended to be.

Today, with modern technologies, local life is possible. Solar power, hydroponics, 3D printing … for the independence of local communities and internet, drones, phones, cars (yes, still worth the game if levels of tech involved and perfs as well as numbers are reduced) … for the relationship between families and local communities.

Unfortunately, many people feel the illusion but cannot resolve themselves to quit as it is the most powerful drug of man's mind: who would accept to get back to his kitchen and just care for a wife and kids, plant his salads and wait for some rain ?


Wednesday, April 18, 2018


It’s been seventy years that Israel commemorates the day of its birth. On this event, there are songs, declarations of secular and religious citizens.

As if it was God that permitted this story, as if God did involve Himself in human history, except for what is told in the first five books of the Torah and the Prophets which I believe was true.

Today existence of a ‘Jewish’ state has nothing to do with God and its citizens are no Jews except for a few. The best proof of it is presently in the existence of this ceremony.

If Israel was a Jewish state, there would be no other celebration than the three ordered in the Torah: Pessah, Shavuot and Succot. The proof is in the pudding.

But Israel is not Jewish at all and seventy per cent of the Israelis are not Jews (Ashkenazim, Ethiopians, …) . Of the thirty per cent that are (Sephardim, a handful of Ashkenazim, Jews from Yemen, Iran, Iraq – not all of them, …) twenty nine per cent do not behave as Jews.

Israel was created by an alliance of secular powers that needed it to push forward their agendas (Mostly to control the Middle East and shame the Occident). The three dominants were the ones that still are the most powerful entities in the world, namely for the financial side the ‘Jewish’ bankers (Rothschild & co), for the geopolitical side the Anglo-Saxons and for the religious site the “Jesuit Jews”: Chabad in particular but all religious Jewish leaders were and are part of it.

They sing “Am Israel Hay” – Israel’s soul is alive. No, it is not. What I see is a mixture of illusions in a country with high corruption, inequality, perversion just like every other country in our today world. By the way, for antisemitism to be real, there should be real Jews around to begin with :)

Israel has not been founded by God but, to partly deny what I have written above, I believe that God permitted the fact just as He permitted the first Israel to become a kingdom that was at the time full of idolatry just as today. Because nothing happens in Israel that is not permitted by God.

As you can see, my words are full of contradictions but no worry, I have already explained a lot if you read my precedent texts …

Now, the point of this text is to say that commemorating the independence of a state is one of the biggest illusions of mankind and the twin of the illusion of the independence of the individual.

For the army power of the Anglos, there would be no state of Israel. Beyond that point, a state is only a virtual entity. There is absolutely no reality in the concept of a state.

The individual is by the same ticket never independent. He relies on others, for his birth as well as for his life. That is why the empty concepts of solidarity, humanity et al. have been invented.

The natural condition of a society is based on the community and the family is its single unit. Society is a community of families, nothing else.

That is why the Torah is basically the history of families and their developments. And, in a family, it is the woman who bears the first role, the Prima Donna. Man can be replaced. That’s why Ashkenazim are no more Jewish because, in their escape of Judea at the time of Jesus and later, they fled without their women in majority (the Khazar hypothesis is totally wrong). The farther they fled, the less Jewish women did they take with them. They took foreign women, taught them their beliefs and traditions* and that is how, from being a Jew thanks to women, it became the insane religion that destroy every ‘Jew’, just like any other religion for the matter, but a little more so !

Reality check my friends !!!

* Ashkenazi Jews:their origins may surprise you

"It appears that the majority of the European converts to Judaism during the early years of the Diaspora were women. That helps explain why the Ashkenazim can trace their female lineage to southern and western Europe."

"Richards and his colleagues analyzed mitochondrial DNA, which is contained in the cytoplasm of the egg and passed down only from the mother, from more than 3,500 people throughout the Near East, the Caucasus and Europe, including Ashkenazi Jews.

The team found that four founders were responsible for 40 percent of Ashkenazi mitochondrial DNA, and that all of these founders originated in Europe. The majority of the remaining people could be traced to other European lineages.

All told, 
more than 80 percent of the maternal lineages of Ashkenazi Jews 
could be traced to Europe, 
with only a few lineages originating in the Near East.

Virtually none came from the North Caucasus, located along the border between Europe and Asia between the Black and Caspian seas."

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Could write a lot again about the title as I have already done but, let's take this time a live example of the


Here is Avne Hefetz, small settlement of 300 families 20km east of Netanya. Tonight is the ceremony of "Yom Hazikharon", the Day of Rememberance for the fallen soldiers.

Rehearsal ...

Music: soft boring traditional songs
Stage: a warfield
Script: young soldiers fighting and dying. You can see - and hear one talking on the phone to his father saying goodbye before passing away
Voice off: They fight to protect your home, your home, your mother, your mother, your country, your country
Instrument: a trumpet (that by the way begins its first marching notes exactly as the beginning of Summertime !)
Sounds: machine guns, warplanes, explosions

Then, girls take the mic and ask God to remember those young heroes who gave their soul for the people. Not only the soldiers by the way, but the police officers, the security guards ...
And read a list of soldiers dead with comments of how they were exceptional individuals  (hmmm, individual robots)...
Then, silence,
Then, sad song supposed to bring everyone to tears.

(add on: time: 20h00 sirens)

Better than thousands of TV hours of (not fake) news, believe me !!!
Every house, every car, every road and crossroad shows its Israel flag.

Time for the barbecue with lots of fresh meat ...

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


main reasons for that:

1. the US Jews are globally against Israel independence
2. Russian Jews in Israel represent internal independence from the right, left and rabbis
3. under the Russian umbrella, there would be no more threat from Iran, Hezbollah and Syria
... and Israel proper
4. newly formed links with the (cruel and idiotic) Saudis would stall at once
5. the army's preponderance in civilian life would decrease with all its negative aspects
6. ties between Arabs & Jews could see some blue on the horizon

7. Last but not least, Jews could reconnect with places they originated from, Syria for the Forefathers, Russia for the Ashkenazim, and places that had hosted them for long such as Yemen, Irak, Iran (...) and show them some gratitude instead of hatred !

--- btw, isnt'it strange that nearly every place where Jews came from are despised by Israel ?

Such a change could become the spark for a new peaceful Middle East and more ...


India requires fingerprint scans for food, phones and finances ...

The news is not from Your News Wire but from the New York Times that dares calling the move a 'Big Brother's' event. They sure know what they talk about.

Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar !!

Well, it is not enough to be educated, to believe in God or to stick to honesty for staying Alive in a death ruled humanity.

One has to forget all of the above and recognize with the highest humility that liberty is not a quest, a victory to achieve or to fight for, but a gift from Nature that has to be accepted, kept and nurtured against all odds.

Every living creature is born free and this embedded freedom is bound to life itself. No freedom, no life. No life, no freedom. We are just caretakers of who we are and by being just that, we are. Everything else is madness of pride.

China surpassed, The West outdated !!!

Who would have guessed that 1984 would begin in a nation that hasn't proper toilets for more than half its population !? Poor uneducated people are fooled quite easily ... Where are gone the Thugs who recklessly fought the British Empire 200 years ago ???

Friday, April 06, 2018


We people of the world are already at war. Not against each other but against governments and corporations, against every fake entities that are supposed to work for us but enslave us all.

All this began in the mind. The concept of representation is all wrong except for justice. People DO NOT need artificial groups to direct them, to represent them, to make profit for them.

The only and real war is endemic and against the misrepresentation of society. People in Venezuela, in China, in America and everywhere are robbed daily by the very entities that are supposed to represent them, in finance and politics. The high inequality that runs worldwide has no other source than that.

What is termed as wars are wars between those virtual and baseless entities we call governments and corporations. We people of the earth just want to live but we die day after day because of the so called representatives that not only rob us of justice and happiness but add to their mayhem wars between nations.

It is those entities that, for their survival, maintain the status quo of borders and dissent between nations, that promote the arm race instead of giving bread to everyone what they are supposed to do.

(Staged wars are part of the True war)

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Hemp was the blessing, oil is the curse

Micro-plastic, as well as plastic itself have invaded the world. From the oceans to the human body itself, plastic is everywhere.

I live in a ‘Ychuv’, a settlement, not really because of any ‘Great Israel’ theory indeed but because it is cheap, quiet and somehow illegal. Since the age of 15, I hate boundaries. Of all kinds. In most ‘Ychuvim’, there is a small petting zoo with few domestic animals. Here, there are hens, a peacock, some rabbits and a goat. A few days ago, I drove by and spotted the goat eating a beautiful chunk of blue plastic, some 20 inches by 5 more or less. I did not stop to take it out of its mouth. I definitely could but I didn’t.

I, who write tirelessly about life am myself overwhelmed with the general situation. I am done. And this has popped out in my mind because of the goat and its blue plastic sheet.

There is a general belief that people in the world are in different stages of evolution thanks to civilizational discrepancies. That is wrong. Beyond the apparent differences of culture and way of life, man is evolving at a rather similar pace, be that in the Amazon forest or Zürich, Switzerland. And because the majority of humanity has chosen the path of progress for money, all of mankind has entered into some kind of desperate, degenerate and fatalistic mood. So be it !

Man has renegaded nature with his 'über-mensch' culture and nature is now evading humanity ...
from the inside.

Hemp was the natural elevation, oil is the sinking destiny.


hmmm, wouldn't say no, would u ?

... Stop bashing the Anglos' !!! Yes, they're great people, of their kind, like any other people btw. I've been in England in the early seventies, and yes, it was a great fun. I even took a bath in the Thames' estuary, say a quick one, followed by a fish & chips wrapped in a 'not so new-newspaper' that ended in a garbage bin ... after being eaten !!

So & so, If as LKJ says 'England is a bitch', English people are more than often great people. When they don't drink. They know music, they danse, they know how to make cars, or did they, they have their own and great design, old style & fashioned, they are the best movies makers for the TV - their sound recording is the best in the world, they are curious but conservatives ... really a people of its own.

But, sadly, like every people on earth, "England-the-State", but not the English People, has an agenda, the same everywhere under different names and colours, an agenda of profit and oppression, an age-old agenda isnt'it ? People, People, Where are You ???

I mean, everything we let happen, in our so-called developed countries with histories of so-called freedom like unequal sharing of the land, and nearly of everything, tyrannical ways of control, unfair jobs valuation, military power, banking monopoly of money, abuse of nature … All that « made in X» stuff is then exported with thousand times lethal results abroad, in the Middle-East, YEMEN, in Africa, South America and Asia including India.

A goal of profit as it is implemented by coercive means worldwide never brought and will never bring up a viable society where humanity thrives for everyone. 'Materialism' and consumerism are a dead end that must be stopped by all means at every levels, individual, local, regional and so on. As much as the Powers That Be have their agenda, and are in the know of how to implement it by subversion and strength, we people must know what direction we must take to avoid growing more and more desperate, illiterate and suicidal.

One of the most valuable tip to move forward in such a way is that the land does not belong, cannot belong to states and corporations but does to individuals and families. Terra and Famiglia ...

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Quid faciant leges, ubi sola pecunia regnat ? 

What will the law do where only money rules ?