Saturday, December 07, 2013


All governments are prone to authoritarianism. Some are dressing it under the guise of the people's benefit but others are doing it bluntly like Japan today, the very one Japan who is in process to destroy most of the world without raising its little finger to stop that doomsday epic, Fukushima*.

The Rise of Japan's Nuclear Military Dictatorship

Japan Enacts State Secrets Law Late Friday Night amid Revolt

Public Protests Continue against State Secrets Bill

Say No to Secrecy: Japanese Protest over New Law

Japan’s New ‘Fukushima Fascism’

From geoengeneering to GMOs, NSA, artificial 'spring' revolutions and the civil wars that follow them as we witness in particular in Irak, Lybia and Syria today, our present world has become an artificial playground for the Illuminati with not a lot to do in order to stop that worldwide madness.

Most of the governments that play these devil's games are democracies, that mean elected governments then, all it would take to change ought to be voting in good people instead of these traitors to humanity. What do we, the people, wait for ?

Alas, we don't have the 10% it needs to change the mainstream dumb mindset that is satisfied with being a slave as Dave Hodges explain in 'How to Defeat the Globalists'. We are just living in an orwellian nightmare right now with no end in sight except darkness, and that includes all the so-called 'preppers' because when the world will become completely invaded with radiations, or will get to a new ice age, no one will make it anymore and if you get to Africa, deceases and outlaws militias won't allow you to survive except to be a slave, but no more a willing slave as you are today in America or EU ...

Time to wake up !!!

*Fukushima ... ONLY the BEGINNING !!!

Study finds giant strontium-90 release into body of water begins around 1,000 days after meltdown

“Completely beyond comprehension” how huge the contamination of ocean water will be — Fukushima radioactive material poured in landfills to enter sea — It’s spreading over whole world

It’s getting worse and worse at Fukushima plant

Fukushima Plume on U.S.: Some Models Show Near Straight Line to West Coast 


Depopulation of the Masses Has Begun

Indigenous Brazilians Clash with Police outside Presidential Palace

"The People must be King, but the Kingdom must be God's."

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