Saturday, December 07, 2013


Why ?

The first reason is a common mistake of man's brain: being happy is too easy, not worthy, not rewarding, not 'man-made', in a word, natural.
The second is that there are evil people who bet on the first reason to ban more and more natural happiness from what man wants to 'succeed' in life.

It is too easy. Being happy is what man is made for, and no one wants to accept that. To be happy, man has only to accept his destiny as a human being. What does it takes to be happy ? Being healthy, making a living, having a loving family and friends, appreciating nature, the colors of a sunshine, the scent of a flower, the limpidity of a river … all a given for a sane mind in a normal world.

Are not children happy ? Are men and women not happy to live together and raise their children, sharing their happiness with family and friends ? But man wants to be his own master, he does not want to thank anyone for who he is, for what he wants, and the sole fact that being happy is his natural way to live makes him want the contrary and seek happiness, well, what he believes that could become his self-made happiness, the other way, any other way providing he is the only creator of what he deems happiness, even if it leads to the complete contrary of what would provide him with true happiness. Pride.

Being happy the natural way is boring isn’t ? Why being honest when it gives a heartbeat to cheat ? Why loving when hate gives you an adrenalin boost ? Why be confident when fear gives you wings ? Why helping each other when fighting makes you feel alive, or so one thinks ? Then, you have wicked souls who are betting on this flaw and work round the clock to provide you with tainted happiness. Games, tech, screens, mirrors, illusions, anything that can take you away from the natural way and fill their pockets with your addictions. They tell you one must fight to be happy, that if you don’t behave in a special way, if you don’t possess a certain object, if you don’t join an exclusive club, you will never succeed to be happy and you will remain an eternal loser.

Is that so ? You guess …

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