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De :avi gleitzer 
Envoyé :dim. 08/12/13 13:41

You are making appear on a google search page of my name, Avi GLEITZER, a twitter message that I do not want to be known of publicly.

- I cancelled my Twitter account for months,
- I do not appear in your own search engine,

I ask you to remove the link that you made appear for no reason.

Sincerely yours, 


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    Oct 30, 2012 - m......0000 Bonsoir, ......

“When Benito Mussolini was asked in 1932, to define fascism, he stated, 

“Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism 

because it is the merger of corporate and state power”. 

Look around you and tell me what you see. This my friends is reality plain and simple!”

I'm the individual, as John Rappoport likes to say, and they are the machine. I make mistakes and when I see them, I try to come back from them but the machine takes into account every single move and store them forever, and it is not only a machine, but a driven entity.

I made the first mistake by not taking into account that Twitter is public; the second was to put a personal fantasy on that media and the third to complain. When I noticed the tweet, it was on the 4th or 5th page of result from a search with my name. Now it is N°1 on the first page ...

I don't really care anybody sees it because I don't have anything to hide but I love fairplay and what this well named site does, 'CRUMBLE', is evil driven and I hate that. Such sites are designed to entrap people with their past and their innocence as individuals, and as it is named, to make them crumble under their own past.

"Who you were you will be". This is also in some way the goal of the NSA and the spying. Corporations that are evil not because of what they are, producing stuff - if this stuff is 'neutral' and not evil oriented -, but because they are driven with the aim of destroying individual identity, making of the individual a record, an immovable entity, a stone. This is why they hate the concept of repentance*, of forgiveness, of charity, and please notice this is not only a Christian idea although Christians have made of it their basic belief for which I applaud them.

At the end of the corporation's road, there is no Paradise. The future must be what was the past, no less, no more. They need to predict the future to do profit and to go on leading the world and if the future were different fundamentally from the past, they would be dumped. Can't be. They're here to succeed and they kill for that. That's why the worst predictions about the future of humanity are not out of sight. That's why there has been Hitlers and Nerons in the past and that there is more chance that there will be such evil faces in the future than none.

Be aware people, humanity is an evil driven charriot with the Guillotine always looming at the end of the road.

This Secret Group Controls the World
"First, You've Got to Get Mad !" 

Google is Going to Blackmail You ... MUST SEE !
Google Launches 'Right to Be Forgotten' Webform for Removal Requests


I tried a few other search engines and the result from "Crumble" does not appear at all ... 
Looks like that rogue company is linked with Google !! 
"Don't be evil" is fine except it seems that Google has a previous hidden motto: 
"light is darkness". 

Fascism under your eyes:
Obama, Jobs, Zuckerberg, Schmidt ...
(US Gvt., Apple, Facebook, Google ...)

* from unknown:

"Repentance is a double edge sword. Nothing is or will be erased. Everything that happens is created for eternity and will have its implications, either good or bad, or both written in the stone of time. Time is a stone harder than any existent mineral, so much harder than diamond that the comparison is pointless. Every instant that goes by is engraved with billions' billions of events and you and I are adding from birth to death sentences to that register. It is a register so much encompassing, so much filled that all the atoms in the universe would not suffice to contain it.

I don't deny the fact that you can repent but, repentance must be viewed as a new event that does not erase the fact from which it has risen but adds a new component to it, a side effect, a reverberation, an echo, a new dimension another atom like oxygen is o² and ozone is o.3.  Both are made of an oxygen atom but one has 2 electrons and the other 3. Each event that is has its followings. And every following has its own consequences." 

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