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Yeah people, literally. 32°F/0°C here in Jerusalem. Looks like the storms that have just hit Northern EU has got down here pretty fast for this time in the year. North America has also got its share of frost. It's 25 years I first came to Israel and, well that's unprecedented. Snow at the beginning of december. Like this very year, it was still cold at the end of march for Pessah (Jewish Passover) for it should already had been much warm.

Is it that the chemtrails have exceeded their officially admitted goal, or that the numerous volcanic eruptions have sent enough ashes to reduce the sun heat, or that the lower than normal sun activity is responsible, or all together, or a freak move of Haarp in the ionosphere ? Who knows ?? At the common guys level, noone. But it's here. Rogue weather worldwide. And who suffer most from the cold ... Low income people, displaced populations.

Maybe the depopulation agenda is the real goal of the chemtrails ? Anyhow, people are already dying from the cold in Syria, Lebanon and Turkey in the refugee camps that house Syrians and still some Iraqis. Beyond the nasty chemicals that are supposed to be in the chemtrails, they ought to be stopped at once. Maybe the earth's core is heating as the volcanoes or the new islands creation off Pakistan and Japan attest, as does the methane release in the permafrost arctic regions, but the atmosphere is not !!

Yes, for all the reasons in the world, chemtrails have to get buried NOW. And let's remember that ice ages have in the past been the first cause of global depopulation.


Snow hits Golan, Lebanon, Syria as Israel braces for storm
Snow begins to fall in Golan as Jerusalem braces for snow storm. Meanwhile, refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan ill-equipped for coming winter. From Beirut to Tel Aviv, rain slowly turns to snow.

Is Chemtrails the Most Ignored Conspiracy of Our Time ?
CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering

Seniors Struggle to Pay for Heating Amid Extreme Storm


Well, since I wrote that page, I've experienced a 3 days blackout of electrical power !!! People, until you've not lived the real thing, you can't get it ! First night was still 14°c inside. Second was 9 and third was 7 - don't know in farhenheit.

Let me tell you: 3 hours after the power returned, and full heating in the main room where it reached 30°c, I still felt my body cold and my breath was still chilling. One more day and I was good for the hospital.

However, I survived and the most difficult was to be in the dark 15 hours a day with absolutely nothing to do, but, I thought, I thought about the prople "living" only 100 kilometers north in Lebanon, refugees from Syria where the cold was even bitter, where the don't even have a roof over their heads, where they literally see their children and parents freeze to death ...

I've thought about them before, I've written about them also, but that time, I came close to understand what it is like, and this makes a huge difference. I can't help them in any way, but I can tell more closely to the point that, the leaders who don't help them are paving their lives to hell, for ever. Bush, Obama, Nethanyahu, and most of the world's leaders including the private corporations that support them will never see the light again. They buy a one way ticket to an eternal black hole from where they'll never come out. Right so.

And let me give another thought to those 100 kilometer south in Gaza which fame is not that better except less cold. People, there are humans all over the earth who are living in hell and all I can do is telling them: "You will see the light again, for your suffering is not the end of life because life is more than material and because of that, there will be somehow sometime somewhere an afterlife where you'll get your turn to rejoice knowing that those that didn't help you and let you rot in your misery won't be around forever to have you suffer as you did."

What ought to be said also is that, although it was nothing near the scope of Sandy for instance, the official response was ... none. All the public offices did near to nothing to get prepared, except PR, and did not assist in any way. Municipalities were out of reach, emergency lines did not answer, we've been left in the dark literally and in the cold with noone to turn to. No salt had been poured in advance on the streets, no snow plowing tractors to clear the streets, we were stuck inside as it was. I live 30 kilometer north of Jerusalem in a small 'village' but it was absolutely the same in Jerusalem, Israel's capital ! When I manage to get out 3 days after and I came to Jerusalem, I saw it with my own eyes.

And that's not all. Do you want the whole picture ? Here it is. If the public offices can let us down for a few inches of snow, what do you think will be their help in case of a really serious disaster? Nothing more, if possible. The government will let us go down to the point that we'll fight each other to stay alive and at that point, they'll send the army to "bring back order" ... And then 'harvest' half of us, the ones listed, into detention while the other half will become controlled slaves under orders number this or that. They test us all the time to see how we respond, get organized and help each other, and the sad reality is we don't.

Read Dave Hodges for further informations on that subject !!!

David Cameron Confronted by Angry Residents of Flooded Village
Is The Machine Already Awake
Effects of an EMP Attack or Severe Solar Storm on Nuclear Power Plants


and the sheeple go on drinking Coca

Successful test from the PTB in Israel: 


The Powers That Be can go to Level 2 ... or is it already 22 ? or 222 ?? ...


Israelis have yet shouted a little but not against the opressors. They had this outstanding understanding: "If we are victims, isn't there other people who could share our shame ? Yes, the palestinians and yes, their only response was to say: 'make them pay too' so that we will not be the only victim. So, you can read a majority of comments that ask the Gvt to get back the PA owes Israel in unpaid electric bills. I don't say palestinians should get free electricity from Israel because they have lots of cash and their economy is not bad at all. But the average Israeli seeking to share his burden with another victim is unequivocally a syndrome of the dumbness where people have fallen into. The public reaction instead of blaming the root of the problem went to a new low of cowardice !!

PA Begins to Pay Back 1B in Electric Bills Owed to Israel

LAST UPDATE (01/10-2014)

After the cold wave that just hit North America and the possible HAARP implication, I thought back at what happened here a month ago and I do remember that the storm that brought so much havoc around Jerusalem did in fact present an anomaly because it did not move north east as it should have been going but remained on stand by right over Israel for a few days before vanishing from the map. I followed it here and I can certify that my observation was right. Was that behavior 'natural' or 'designed' ? In case it had been helped by technology, was it a rehersal to what just happened in the US ? What can be said for sure is that both events were very unusual, at least, and, concerning Israel, if you except the winter 1991/92 that had a natural cause in the Mount Pinatubo eruption, such a snow storm had not been seen since a 100 years.

How many days this child has to live ?

Latest Atrocity in Syria: Death Squads Bake Civilians in Ovens
We Are at the Beginning of a Mini Ice Age 

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