Friday, November 22, 2013


What makes you feeling awake, being alive ? The other, contact with the other, your neighbor, your second self, the one who send you back your image, like a mirror but an active mirror, not matter the quality nor the quantity of others, basically, as long as they accept to share some time with you, some words, some understanding. A smile does the trick, from far away for the desperate.

But before friends, brothers, children, family or relatives comes the partner, the all in all elusive partner, the one you find or don't but the one you dream of in the deepest of your heart. She or he may not be that star your mind has created, that perfect being everyone has wished in vain for years but like before with relatives, a simple person, like yourself, in the end, perfectly fits. You may be deceived, you may still dream of your hidden idol but the one who will appear one day to be the possible reality will do the trick, if you're not a fool.

This second self, as different as he or she could be won't come out of your dreams. You got to get out of your cave to find him, her. He, let's stay with 'he', will not be an image on the wall of your mind but a real being, bringing his self in the picture, his particular identity, his own message in a living bottle. No perfect glass but no transparency, a spark of life, good and bad, bad and good. In the same way you'll have to reach out to him as he will have to cross the river too for an encounter.

Check. Sunny day, fog, we're there. I is dead. "I" was living one's death in life. "I" is no more, that's "we", that's life. Whatever, good or bad, high or down, that's together, not me myself. Check. We are. Are we ? It was not up to you when being alone, to be alone. Now it is, up to you, to be together. What a change man ! I had no choice and I now have one. And more, I still can dream but the dream comes after the reality instead of being that very reality. What's best ? Your choice.

Not only ... Your ability to accept your fall. What fall ? The fall from a dream. Big deal ! Go on  YouTube, Ray Charles for instance. Read the comments. They're bright, all of them. No bashing. No jerk. We're together, all different but all in the line, the line of being together. That's life, sharing. That's what we need, where we are, alive. Sharing. No other way except dreams, sorry dreams, living death. But YouTube is virtual, YouTube is a golden cage that fits the illusion of being together.

What moves the world is in the street. Meeting is in the real world, the outside but that is difficult, that is not usual for mental slavery, mental loneliness. What the powers that lead are afraid of is the street, meeting in the street, being together for real, taking one's dining table out on the pavement and inviting one's neighbour, the bystander, you and me. That's the way to change. Dining in the street, talking, sharing, getting out of the dream and make life happen, for real, for once, for ever.

Escaping the dream, with strengh, with will, with empathy, with good and bad, but with patience, with love.
What is the American dream ? The opposite. Individuality. Closed doors. A house ... closed. A car ... closed. A mentality ... closed. A dog ... on a leash. A soul ... in private. Everyone should be happy ... alone, behind one's own door. Madness, folie. A house, a car, a woman, children, inside, in private. Outside ? Nothing, appearance, being polite. In Israel, for instance, people always complain that people are not polite toward one another. Israelis dream of Europe where people seem to be careful of you, where they say please, forgive me, thank you ...

Theater. No one cares. F**k you, with a bright smile. Dream. American dream, oh, no my brother, German dream. Teutonic dream. Hell's dream. You're my ghost, my lovable ghost. I don't have anything to do with you except for a purpose, except if you're of my club, my hell angel's club, my Lucifer's spirit. Leave me alone. Don't sit too close. I don't know you. I'm armed, beware. Don't you see ? Do you want a proof ? Alas, there have been, there are so many proves that I prefer you dead than sharing my meal, aren't they ?

No trespassing, don't thread on me. You're a danger, you're a stranger. To me. Me myself. Me my dream.
Stop being your dream. Stop being a living dead. Quit your American, your German dream, your Devil's dream. Set your table in the street, meet your neighbour, share with him, be a human - being, grow a life, your life, our life, God's life. Move out of your illusions since illusions are not yours but the masters', illusions are a false reality, illusions are implanted by those who benefit of everyone's loneliness, loneliness between you and me. No illusion, no dream. Life is here, for all of us, in the outside, in the reality, in the street. Love is waiting, all the time, like dogs who wait for their walk, children waiting for a hugging, women who wait for a word from your heart, men who wait for ... For what ?

A weapon ? A punch ? A beer ? A football game ? To feel a "man" ? Prehistory was a paradise, yeah man ! We've stepped into hell. But the remedy is still there, as long as the illusion has not overwhealmed all humanity, as long as some people, here and there feel for others, in the street. For how long ? Horrible thought, frightening feeling. Got beer ? Drugs ?

There is a "Change" we, yes, We must believe in ... Outside. This is the only thing that frighten the tyrants. Not the guillotine. THE STREET, and US, Together, Happy TOGETHER.

Best ! Love U !! See you outside ...

NB: Don't put it upside down ! Family is the center, the unit, the only basis of mankind, but family is not the goal, in itself. The goal is the people, all of us.

NB2: Don't mix up too ! The individual is the corner stone of family & humanity, but not only a strong individual who cares for himself and his property but an individual who cares for his world, at large, who does not restrict his love to chosen closed circles, an individual who dreams of a better life in the outside and not in front of his TV stars.

PS: The German dream is a leading class isolation taken to the slaves in order to have them isolated from one another by their own 'will'. It is not especially German in the root but Germany is the perfect example of that.


Pictures of American AND German families ... any differences ?

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