Thursday, November 07, 2013

First World War Centenary: MY PROGRAM

It is time to disarm. No doubt. Countries first, then citizens. Arms are the dehumanization of killing !  Of course it is no less a crime to kill someone with a knife or else, but it is a more difficult crime to accomplish, if not for money. From the top to the bottom, from the official Mafia to the 'outlawed', the Private Milicias, from Syria to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran in the ME and all other places in the world, arms should be banished, dumped, destroyed.
From atomic bombs, jet fighters and the ones we don't know, We the People should declare a war to the arms, the biggests first.  If citizens should be disarmed ?

In Hebrew, there is a say that each country, nation has its 'Angel' that could be translated  by the essential traits of its 'soul', moral and physical. Say, the French like to eat, to cheat and to joke. They also like property, not being watched at home but they regroup to be looked at. Americans not only like the property but they claim the right to fight for it, even if that means killing the aggressor, with anything.

However, as a fact, there is no less crime in the US because people have the right to be armed. Arms are not the way for people to be, or to feel protected. What is is the understanding tat life is priceless, no matter what. Before being taught the history of wars, then arms, well, History, we should learn the incredible luck to be who we are, to be alive, to be conscious. We must before all be convinced to protect Life, all life.
The only ones who should have arms in a limited and controlled way are the Police, Border Police and City  Officers. Under specific terms, individuals could also register arms. But, as it is in so many countries, arms should be forbidden for the People as it would be for the Nation. Every country has huge problems and all energy should be put to solve them together, as countries should help themselves to resolve difficult trans national problems like Fukushima.

We must ask the leaders to think in a 'positive' way, and to deliver. All the arm budget should go into useful things that profit to all. The contents of education, the Media, the research should be cleared from lies, and aimed at a more natural life for all, without other fears than natural ones, which are few, all in all, don't you think ? And, in such a spirit, create small towns in the countryside, take the people back to the country, recreate smaller communities because, people like to live together, in peace.

- the army
- the nuclear ind.
- the robotics
- the genetics
- the big pharma

- paying interests
- eating junk food
- buying new cars
- going to the movies
- watching TV

- the education programs
- the food and water industry
- the municipalities planning




It is a convenient belief that you have ennemies, as an individual as much as a group, a nation to be able to conceive hate and violence, to act as a beast, to isolate oneself behing iron walls, to ignore the suffering, the distress of the other. We are NOT ennemies. This is a lie, one of the biggest lies since always. We are no ennemies of one another, on any count. We are made differents to complement each other and work together, live together, exchange, share, bloom together. We are not that different of flowers that are of multiple colors and shapes. This is the same with us, humans. 

Life. Life's full of sounds, of colors, rainbows, and rains. Drop after drop, life is falling on me, drop after drop, life is escaping me, drop after drop. My drops are mine, your drops are yours, our drops are mixing in the wild wild life. Ain't got no water. D'you know how I feel ? Do I know how you feel ?

Do I feel without you ? Do you feel without me ? Freedom is mine but not without yours. Not yours without mine ... Watch your style ! My boots an't made for walkin', alone. Hit the road, Jack !! And come back. Tonight. And tell me, tell me who I am without you, who are you, without me ?

Life's bursting. Here and there, up and down, anyone to gather the drops ? Blue drops, green drops, pink drops, each drop is life, don't let them astray 'cause they are the rainbow, the sounds of life. Every morning the sun comes up drying the drops that remained out in the wild. Who'll pick them up before they dry off ?

Astronomer Carl Sagan in His Last Interview Makes Dire Warning

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