Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Why the Powers That Be are so strong ?


1. They rely on our incapacity to stop being compliant,
2. They sit on a tradition of millenaries of oppression,
3. They use 1. & 2. to enact laws that protect their corrupted assets indefinitely.

In one word, they bet on the past to provide a future that will cover their open stealing from the 'sheeple'.

To reverse the steam, we must not believe in the past as they do but entrust our future. We need to prove what we want by the fruits, not by the roots, without metaphor, we've got to teach our children and put them on the right track from now on and, God bless, forever.

“They”, the old families that go back to the crusaders (& b4) hang in their corridors of power the paintings of their ancestors. Their kingdom stands on how many layers of dust are dimming the bright colors that once were the symbol of their lust. They are the dinosaurs of an ancient world in which they firmly believe.

We, the people are, on the contrary, the seeds of the future. We are what we will be through our offspring. We have no past to support us, no paintings to honor. Our only heritage is in the value we will be able to transmit, our season of choice is tomorrow just because it was not yesterday.

We are what we will be as opposed to “they” are what they were.

Our main task is to teach our kids not to pray the past, not to fall for the illusions of the fake highness of the laws that are used to enslave us based on myths created by the wicked who have ruled the world since ... always. Freedom is in the mind before being in the reality.

Every baby is a royal baby sent by the God, the only King, but ours are born for empowering the future while theirs are raised to keep the tyranny of the past as a rule for ever. Them are standing still in darkness while ours are rising the banner of light. 

Yes, let me say it again !!


Wagh ! Sounds nice doesn't it ???

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