Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DO ETs have a HEART ?


... at least, ETs seen on earth.
For the 66 anniversary of Roswell, Google posted a small animation 
comprising principally those two frames:

Quite apparently, according to the second drawing, ET's come from  
a small triangle, u know, the one semi-detached on top of the
well known pyramid on the $ bill ... well, not from inter galactical places, at least !

Well, I've been puzzled of how many people think that, whether ETs, real ones, would encounter man, they just would 'drive by' because we're such a low level species.

Looks like, in the general subconscious of humanity, intelligent species who would have mastered superior technology should have no heart, no feelings, no compassion.

For my part, I would tend to believe the contrary because highly technology would only survive with a maximum of heart elevation. Without it, as seen here on earth, technology only brings a global degenerative process that ultimately would wipe out the entire species.

If as human beings, we are able to take interest in less intelligent forms of life as animals, I strongly believe that superior ETs would indeed present with the same capabilities but only more developped, meaning that, if there had been real ETs who had showed around and discovered us, they would have been most interested to share feelings and knowledge with us, if they had not been afraid by viruses or other biological obstacles.

And maybe, since some ten thousands years ago, there had been buildings which have no explanation in how people of that time could have built them, maybe there have been contact with ETs in the past that has since stopped because of biological reasons, but not because of a lack of love.

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