Monday, July 15, 2013


(actually NOT a view of Fukushima radiation, but it is to the point !)

If such a map doesn't trigger your inner switch ON, what will ? 

WE, yes people, WE, and NOT "THEY" are killing earth and all life, NOW.

We have been warned. We only need to see and not be willing blinds. We have allowed killers to rule mankind since, well, since immemorial times, and We stay mum, the head in the sand of our pityful lives.

Humanity is today a global empire that is on the edge of the abyss

We are a majority of not that bad fellows but the keys of the kingdom we have given to a bunch of satanic warlords. What for ??? Don't know yet !!!

Our situation is not new and noone can say it is any kind of hidden. All our infortune goes by in the open. From nuclear to GMOs, from Guantanamo to the slaves factories in China, everywhere on different levels but all under the sky.

Centuries ago, we might have not known but, at least, since the 19th and the work of wonderful writers and travellers, noone can say we are left in the dark about the fate of every society around earth and the tyranny that rules over humanity all around. Tyrants have an easy play. We the people run into their silly tricks wholeheartedly. We applaud to their mayhem with smiles and nonchalance.

Let's read some James Fenimore Cooper :

From "The Bravo"

As I said, many writers of the 19th century tried to explain with proofs where are the roots of the evil and why mankind seems so doomed. JF Cooper has, in "The crater" tried to enlight what could be the bases of a rightful society and his is but an example among dozens. As he puts it, the main seeds of the fall from grace are laws and religions. Laws to put behind the universal Law of nature in order to give man's pride the first place, religions to give illusion the first place in minds and have them submitted to laws.

Back to july 2013, Snowden case must be made clear. Why would a real 'whistleblower' give its material to official news papers, and especially to papers of the countries that are the bases of the NWO ?

"Snowden has already turned over a huge trove of information to reporters at the Washington Post and the Guardian newspaper in the UK, as well as lesser amounts of documents to Der Spiegel magazine in Germany"

Doesn't a 'whistleblower' know about alternative press ? Doesn't he know about, for instance, ?
NO, he gave his stuff to the tools of the Illuminati. This alone could prove that all his game is an act of a written drama which I already have talken about. All what happens is a huge theater drama unfolding accorging to well oiled plan. ALL. In Every country in the world, at all time, under the sky. "They" chose the actors, the script, the places, the culprits, the weapons, and WE are the main players, until WE would say NO, a collective and worldwide NO. Not against any local event, but globally and permanently. Until that NO, the killing goes on, daily, hourly, unabated, only increasingly.

Good day !!

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