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I have lived among non-Jews from birth until I was 29, in France, and it is 25 years I have settled in Israel. In the second part of my life, I have also traveled many times around the world. I can reasonably say that I know both peoples, Jews and non-Jews, here and there.

What I can say about non-Jews is that they are true to who they are. French people are French without wanting to be so. They are all different, they are good or bad, right or wrong but they do not desire to "show" that they are French because it is what they are without having the need to prove anything about it. This can be said of all people over the world, except Jews, well, not quite all of them.

In Israel, there are bumper stickers that say: "A Jew doesn't hurt a Jew". People greet themselves a lot with the title "brother", understanding "brother Jew", and more such shows of reminding who we pretend here to be, as if the native Israeli has to assert to himself that he is a Jew over and over, as if when looking in the mirror, one has problems to see anything Jewish.

Such a behavior is more compatible with people who are part of a rite, of an intellectual cast. Being a Jew is not a natural component of Jews, as it seems. A Jew has to remind himself that he is a Jew all the time in his social relationships. The reality justify this need in that life in Israel is not particularly Jewish, except for a minority of peoples and places where, on the contrary, it tends to be too much 'Jewish'. A world where only the extremes exist, nothing natural as it is in every other country of the world.

To sum up, Israelis have the need to wear a yellow star among themselves, for seculars in the way of greeting one another and for religious in the way of dressing up and behaving according to specific guidelines. But, as I said, not quite all of them. There is a kind of Israelis that do not feel the urge to prove they are Jewish: Sephardim. Be they religious or secular, their behavior is consistent with that of the outer world. They "know" that they are Jews and don't need to engage in any particular behavior to assert it, religious like seculars, although there are none truly secular Sephardim. They do not have the urge to show that they are neither Jews nor religious because it is who they are, naturally.

Since Sephardim are a minority, it can be said without doubt that the above described behavior is exclusively an Ashkenazi way. IT IS NOT NATURAL FOR ASHKENAZIM TO VIEW THEMSELVES AS JEWS. I can attest to this in another realm, that of feelings. Ashkenazim are not naturally friendly, opened, helpful with others, even less than non-Jews. They are self-centered, cold mannered, haughty, they despise others too easily and consider themselves as the elite of the elites, the cream of the cream. Whenever they show any respect, any help, any kindness, they have to make you feel it. I could go on and on about it. They behave as kings, as nobility, as lords, as extremists, either secular or religious. They need your attention, your respect toward their prominence.

I can attest of this first hand, my father being Ashkenazi and my mother Sephardic. Normal people are not at ease when meeting Ashkenazim, it is as evident as the nose in the middle of the face. Then I ask, who really are Ashkenazim to be so opposite not only to Sephardim but to all people in the world ? Only one answer fit in the picture: they are intruders, disguised aliens, even to themselves. The theory of a Khazarian origin fits so well the reality show !! Any invented identity leads to such a factitious behavior. This is exactly what one can find among peoples who belong to sects when nature is fooled. This draws another consequence, as such a kind of people have to constantly remind themselves who they believe they are: an intellectual acuteness, a perpetual game of the mind, a remote viewing of their self that implies a natural indifference to what they pretend to be and subsequently a disdain of themselves and others.

Now, let us take the example of Martin Sorrell.

This is a “Jew” that can be taken as perfect sample of this so awkward “race” as Bill Gates for his. Please take into account that all I have said concern a majority of Ashkenazim, especially those who have gained some power in the society but that there are still many of them much less affected by the general trend, thank’s God.

Sir Martin Sorrell (born 14 February 1945, London, England) is an English businessman and the chief executive officer of WPP Group. He has served in that role since he started the company. Born in London to a Jewish family, whose ancestors came from Russia, Poland and Romania. Sorrell was educated at the independent Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School then Christ's College, Cambridge, and has an MBA from Harvard University.  He joined Glendinning Associates, and James Gulliver and then worked for sports agent Mark McCormack.  He joined Saatchi & Saatchi in 1975, and was group finance director from 1977 until 1984. Often referred to as "the third brother",  he designed and carried out many of Saatchi's agency acquisitions. Sorrell undertook this by refining the practice of the ‘earn-out’

In 1985, Sorrell privately invested in Wire and Plastic Products, a British wire shopping basket manufacturer, and joined it full-time as Chief Executive in 1986. He began to acquire "below-the-line" advertising-related companies, purchasing 18 in three years, including in 1987 when he stunned the agency world with a $566 million "hostile" takeover of J. Walter Thompson. Sorrell followed this in 1989 with another dramatic hostile $825 million buy of Ogilvy and Mather. Since 2000, WPP has also acquired two more integrated, global agency networks, Young & Rubicam Brands and Grey.
WPP is regarded as the driving force for the period of consolidation which has been going on within the communications industry for the last ten to fifteen years. His WPP group has amassed the largest media buying group in the world, GroupM. Together with the creative agency networks, JWT, Ogilvy and Mather, Young & Rubicam and Grey, WPP is one of the three major players in the global advertising market. (…)

In 1997, he was appointed an Ambassador for British Business by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and subsequently appointed to the Office's Panel 2000 aimed at rebranding Britain abroad. In 1999 he was appointed by the Secretary of State for Education and Employment to serve on the Council for Excellence in Management and Leadership.

He is a Governor of London Business School, and a member of the Advisory Boards of both the Judge Business School in Cambridge, UK and IESE in Spain. He is also Chairman of the Global Advisory Board of the Centre for International Business and Management (CIBAM), at the University of Cambridge, UK.  In 1998, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of Associates of Harvard Business School and to the Board of the Indian School of Business. On behalf of NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, he chaired Media.NYC.2020, which reviewed the future of the global media industry, the implications for NYC, and suggested actionable next steps for the NYC government. (…)

Sorrell is married to Cristiana Falcone, Media & Entertainment Industries Director at the World Economic Forum.

After reading this biography, someone tell me how such a man can be considered Jewish on any account ??? I mean, Jewish as a Sephardi Jew. He is not, but not at all !!! He is one of the Khazarian Jews (of Romanian origin :)) who behaves as I have explained above, without shame, without love, without any characteristic that a normal human being shares with others, some kind of an alien to planet earth, some sort of an invader into humanity. Sir Sorell and all his kind are the enemies of mankind, they have nothing Jewish in the real acceptance of this qualification, they are traitors of the name Jew, they fit perfectly with the other enemies of the humankind, the Nazis, the eugenics, the evil doers, the fallen angels or whatever.

On another account about the jewishness of Ashkenazim, in a list of 116 German Jews who emigrated to the United States to escape Nazism, only 4 have Jewish first names which is unbelievable among Sephardim. What 'true' Jew would name his child Fritz, Hanz, Otto, Wolfgang ... ? Where are the Moshe, David, Solomon, Abraham ... ?

Then, let’s take a glimpse at the female part of the story in pictures with Sarah Silverman. You guess as many do how much Jewish she might be, in the true spirit of that qualification, as are all the worldwide Jewish institutions, from Chabad to the Knesset … Anti-Semitism is the result of this alliance with the devil of people who pretend to be Jews and, in this case, please consider me myself as the first anti-Semite on earth !!

... The conclusion is in the title.

... bestiality

A real prostitute would make it to the Heaven, as Christians say, 
but that one is doomed for ever because she's a defamation of God's Name.

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