Monday, July 01, 2013


Most civil wars always had the goal to undermine the conservative trend of societies and get the grip on traditional sources of power in order to submit them to new players under the guise of people’s control. Revolutions are civil wars. France’s 1789 was the carrier to wipe out the monarchy. So was it in 1917 Russia. England experienced nearly two centuries of civil war before a masonic parliament took over which led to the rise in power of similar French institutions during Louis XVI. America and China had been applied the same medicine, only apparently on opposite grounds and results. Germany’s emperor was tougher to dump and that needed a full-fledged war, which also had other purposes.

Today, the NWO is working to spread the same virus into the Islamic world and is deliberately pushing into it the America people.  They need to put a turbocharger in order to step up their world domination. They are actually directing the US government itself (agencies + illegal immigration ...) & its direct allies, corporations to sow the seeds of a civil war openly because Americans, like Jews in Egypt at the time of Moses, prefer a comfortable slavery than a revolt. They need to crush any source of opposition worldwide but internally too because they are at the dawn of a global takeover and they don’t want to fight their enemies abroad while still being insecure inside the borders.

The only innovation is that it is the American government that 'invites' its own citizens to wage a civil war against itself ... King Solomon is beaten, there IS something new under the sun !!

This is the real truth behind their open aggressive behavior on spying, on deadly food, air and water which effects they don’t even try to hide anymore.

As I said lately, they cannot implement an open police state as long as there is no serious revolt. Sheep are not enough when they want to have zombies and crush in advance all forms of eventual resistance. They won’t need a lot of manpower because the arms they probably intend to use will no more be conventionals, including atomic, but electromagnetic in order to destroy only the living creatures and leave the environment inhabitable as much as they can.


"What’s the Goal of the Police State Surveillance Grid ?"
" After studying the patterns of strife between citizens and their past rogue governments, it is becoming increasingly clear that the United States has entered into the first stages of a guerrilla war." Dave Hodges


"Since the day is used by man to make a fiery furnace for his fellows, 
it is to the night that beholds the role to rule the world."

The NWO fomented "arab springs", and, in the same way, Irak, Afghanistan wars and all other 'interventions' are always followed by a void of law in which rogue terrorists - also supported by the NWO - are crawling into.

"The Arab uprisings, which have “weakened regimes” in the region, were given as a primary cause for al-Qaeda’s spread. According to the report, the uprisings created an “opportunity” for al-Qaeda affiliates and allies to consolidate a footing in the regions."

US, Saudi Arabia, and Britain are actively supporting al-Qaeda-linked organizations that are ransacking and murdering women and children

People's Sovereignty

" The most frequent and common questions regarding Indian tribal Sovereignty in America include these: Where did tribes get their Sovereignty ? How did tribes keep their Sovereignty ? How long have tribes had their Sovereignty ? "

" The answers: From the Creator who put them here. They inherited it. Since the beginning of time.
The Sovereignty of Indian tribes is INHERENT. That means it existed since time immemorial, and is recognized as such in the Constitution of the United States. States and tribes have equal legal and constitutional status in their dealings with the federal government. "

" Tribes and tribal governments remain committed to the preservation of their heritage and to controlling their destinies. Tribal members often say they have a commitment to the preservation and control because of their commitment to future generations, because of their connection with the land, and because of their connections to their ancestors buried in it. These are moral obligations supported by indisputable legal and constitutional authority. Tribes were here many thousands of years before there was a United States or an Idaho. Tribes were here and took part in the development and protection of the United States and Idaho. Tribes will be here even if the day comes when there is neither a United States nor an Idaho.

As one tribal elder explained, " We are here because this is where the Creator put us. This is where we will always be."

Egypt: Between the Army and Islamists, They Refuse to Choose

"They are not many, but they exist. Liberals, they were all fighting. They supported the 2011 uprising against President Hosni Mubarak, they opposed the military regime of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces that followed in 2011-2012, and they felt that the Muslim Brothers were not worthy to govern ..."
"... Army controls 40% of the '* Egyptian economy, and no institution can verify its budget. It does not easily let go of power. "

Libya in Anarchy Two Years after NATO 'Humanitarian Liberation'
'Arab Spring' Degrades into Sectarian Rampages
Color Revolutions Result in Permanent Instability, Poverty through Promise of Democracy and Prosperity


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