Tuesday, July 23, 2013


"I am the LORD thy God, who brought thee
out of the land of Egypt,
out of the house of bondage.
Thou shalt have no other gods before Me."

Why anyone in the world would consider him/herself as Jewish ? Because there is an old text that talks about it and that very text describes what the conditions for such a pretending are.

The first condition is being part of the Jewish people. So I ask, what is the Jewish people ?

The Jewish people have a birthdate and a womb life period. The Birthdate is that of entering Israel under the lead of Joshua and the womb period is that of the desert wandering under the lead of Moses.

It is said repeatedly that God took the Jews out of Egypt IN ORDER TO bring them to Israel so that they would become, there, the Jewish people.

There are NO Jewish people outside of Israel as well as there is NO Jew outside of the Jewish people. However, it is not enough to live in Israel for pretending to be a Jew, you must also have no other gods than God.

 This means accepting God as The God that took His people out of a land AND out of a house, in other words, out of a place and out of a custom. The place is any foreign country except Israel and the custom is any foreign law or tradition except God's law.

 To keep it short, one cannot be made a Lord of the British Crown and still be a Jew. One cannot spend his life in America and still be a Jew. One cannot accept the Talmud as law and still be a Jew. One cannot hang on the wall a picture of a Rabbi and still be a Jew. And so on.

The God Who had created the Jewish people is also the God Who had created the universe. The nature of man needs no improvement of any kind because it is already the best that can be conceived. God set man free inside his nature and among the universe and any intention to override the natural freedom imbedded in man's natural nature is slavery.

God in the midst of mankind wanted a people that would embody this freedom of creation and He tried to do so with the creation of the Jewish people. No need to say He knew that His plan was intended to fail but He nonetheless tried it as He tried to create humanity knowing from the start all what would unravel about it. The last Covenant between God and His people, the Covenant ofMoab, set clearly the consequences of accepting or refusing it.

One doesn't renounce to do something because one knows that there are chances that it would not succeed. Nature is plentiful, time is long and mankind is still in its diapers. There have been a Jewish people in Israel ONLY from the time it came in until it asked Samuel to have a king instead of God. Before that and since then, all people who pretend to be Jew are not, all the most those who do not abide by God’s laws.

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