Friday, July 19, 2013


As I just claimed a 'bingo' because England's Conservative Party, in Cameron's mouth, declared that they would not arm Syrian rebels, the Armed Force Chief is now saying: "Britain Must Be Prepared For War" while the Home Office has added Al Nusra (Quaida) rebels on the outlawed list of terror groups.

First, one must understand that the British Army is devoted to the King, actually the Queen,  whatever happens and contrary to what Gen. Richards asserts: " ... we only do as our democratically-elected government asks of us.”

The Queen, and Samantha Cameron are pressing for a quick takeover of Assad because they want to regain what they see as the legitimate and historical dominance of the United Kingdom in the Middle East since they defeated the Turks.

This hawkish power  is but a front to justify in principle only an American-Israeli intervention to be balanced by the Parlement official will to withdraw from any direct support in any coming war to protect the apparent neutrality of the country, the NWO's head of staff, against any retaliation, be it from Russia, Iran, ...

These snake moves are calculated to come in time with the discredit put on the US by the NSA 'scandal' as well as the EU official condemnation of Israel through the boycott of its 'Occupied Territories' products.

The Illuminati want a war and they are laying the grounds to solely involve America and Israel, putting the blame upon these two countries only, their arrowhead, the remote goal being Iran and the improved world dominance they would gain from it by disarming potential apparent conflicts with Russia and/or China. (Let me remind you that all the geopolitical game is a well oiled theater that simulates conflicts while all are going the same way under a united NWO command to get rid of the local people's power around the world, if there remains some ...).

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