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Do not believe that Opus Dei is more powerful than the Jesuit Order, this is a distraction. You should understand this very easily when you see the mainstream media and Grandmaster Giuliano di Bernardo pushing the guiding star puppet Dan Brown and his famous work of deception.

You will never get the whole truth

in the predictive programming arena and the real power will never show themselves. Why have the most perfect Order been ignored in favor of Opus Dei ? You should know the answer by now. The Jesuits rule with an iron hand and have the greatest intelligence network on Earth using The Entity known to some as the 'Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano' which actually dates back to 1566 not the 20th Century. Even Central Intelligence Agency agent, Everette Howard Hunt, told you that the CIA know the Jesuits are the greatest intelligence agency on Earth and the CIA do not even know how they get all the intelligence they do.

Many speak of the power of the Mormon Church

when it comes to intelligence. Who do you think controls their intelligence gathering and data at the top ? It has always been The Entity division of the Jesuits whilst never forgetting that Jesuit soldier Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ controlled Brigham Young and even gave the Mormon Church the State of Utah. This fact was even admitted on the Jesuit Curia Generalizia website recently and may still be.

Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ.

Opus Dei are very powerful in economics and have groups like Legatus which are all very well connected with the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. An ancient order which commands all other Papal Knight Orders such as the Sacred and Military Constantinian Order of St George, Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem and the greatest merchants on Earth, the Knights of Malta. This power of the Sepulchre goes all the way back to the Crusades when they were the highest level of command over all the Papal Orders and closely tied to the King of Jerusalem like today with Emperor Juan Carlos.
Juan Carlos

The Knights of Malta are also very well connected to economics taking over from the Templars in 1312 via Papal Bull Ad Providam issued by Pope Clement V. Notice again how the conspiracy arena has highlighted Legatus in the Jesse Ventura show whilst ignoring others and most definitely ignoring the St Lazare Foundation/World Society/House of Savoy in the Water episode.

This is because the alternative media is controlled by the American Protective League continuum loyal to Rome and its true masters of the New Holy Roman Empire.

Frederick Copleston

The conspiracy arena was created by Jesuit soldier, Frederick Copleston SJ aiming to control all levels of intelligence and make sure only their enemies and lower servants get highlighted. This is why all suspicion has to be placed on the Torah-Israelite and the Protestant Reformation. Why do you think the Council of Trent still stands to this very day ?
You will find people like William Colby were in both the Knightsof Malta ...

William Colby

... as well as the Opus Dei and he was once the Director of Central Intelligence and a loyal Roman Empire puppet. Opus Dei play a large role in the creation and control of the Roman Catholic European Union superstate which funny enough is headed in Brussels within Belgium.

Opus Dei

was created by the Venetian Cult of San Rocco connected with the Chiesa di San Rocco where Saint Roch is buried just like how Ignatius Loyola is buried at the Chiesa Del Gesu in Piazza Del Gesu, Rome. Opus Dei are very occultic and have a lot of paedophilia connections such as the incidents at Dongelberg Castle in Belgium. It seemed Opus Dei may have tried their luck in 2006 against the Jesuits but failed as the Jesuit controlled Pope Benedict XVI squashed them like a bug and put the Congregatio pro Gentium Evangelizatione in its place whilst stopping the attack on the Vatican Institute for Works of Religion. I believe that Abbess General Madre Tekla Famiglietti helped screw over Opus Dei as her loyalty to the Jesuit General is far greater.

The B’Nai B’Rith do not control Freemasonry

or the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

B’Nai B’Rite is subordinate

to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry which was created by the Jesuits in Paris, France in order to usurp Scottish Templarism and the Sinclair family. The Scottish Rite hold great power over the United States through the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree. The Supreme Council being based in Roman Catholic and Sovereign Washington D.C. created by Roman Catholic Daniel Carroll and once known as the third Rome in 1663 property records.

Albert Pike

The once Sovereign Grand Commander, Albert Pike was also controlled by Jesuit soldier Pierre-Jean De Smet SJ. The Scottish Rite were the key conspirators under the Jesuit Papacy in the assassination of Knight of Columbus and U.S. President John F. Kennedy. He was neutralized nearby the Scottish Rite Temple at Dealey Plazza where he was gunned down by an assassination team called Permanent Industrial Expositions. Permindex were hired through the Bank of Montreal by Privy Councilors Reginald Bevins and Sir John Hobson on behalf of The Worshipful Company of Mercers working by proxy for the Jesuit Order and their loyal Sabbatean Frankist hofjudens such as David Ben-Gurion and the Rothschild’s.

The Worshipful Company of Mercers

The latter being a puppet for the Howard, Percy and Pallavicini families aligned with the then Archbishop of Westminster, John Heenan.
 John Heenan

Archbishop Heenan being the master over the Monarch under the Jesuit Provincial Office. Westminster being the seat of the power over the Kingdom where by the Monarch has secretly had full powers again since 1689 with the signing of the English Bill of Rights. The only location she does not have any rights within is the Sovereign land of New Jerusalem aka The City of London!

The Jesuits and Archbishop are based in Westminster for control over the Kingdom monitoring both the Monarchy and the Intelligence network headquarters such as British Secret Intelligence Service at Vauxhall Cross, London. The City of London and its control over the politics, military and financial power of Britain is simply used by proxy by the Roman Empire Priesthood through nobility subordinates like Emperor Juan Carlos of the New Holy Roman Empire and of course below him Dame of Malta, Elizabeth Mary II the Princess of the New Holy Roman Empire. Dame of Malta, Elizabeth Mary II using the title Sovereign granted in 1481 by Pope Sixtus via his Aeterni Regis Papal Bull.

Pope Sixtus

Leo is quite right that the Protestant Church and division is still an arm of Pagan Catholicism. The Protestant Church has nothing at all to do with the original Puritan movement and true-Christianity who do not recognize the garments, titles or festivals celebrated by those wicked pagans in veils. Take a look at the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams who’s also a Druid and always around Cardinal Cormac O’Connor.

Rowan Williams

He’s also prayed at the Vatican with pope and even kissed the pope’s ring showing complete subordination. Not to mention how Rowan has lectured at the Jesuit Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome whilst visiting on numerous occasions the Curia Generalizia for meetings with the Superior General of the Jesuits.

The Worshipful Company of Mercers

is the premier Livery Company of the City of London and ranks first in order of precedence.
The economic system is controlled under the Papal Orders through The Worshipful Company of Mercers who created the Bank of England and British Intelligence. Lets not forget the power over the economy and slavery by the Universal Postal Union in Berne, Switzerland one street corner away from the Papal Nuncio of Switzerland. The two most powerful economic locations on Earth is the City of London and Switzerland. The Geneva Canton being one of the richest areas on Earth controlled by the Prince of Naples, Vittorio Emanuele IV the head of the House of Savoy. Emanuele IV is also a high level member of all the highest Papal Orders just like Emperor Juan Carlos of Spain.


Vittorio Emanuele IV

Vittorio Emanuele IV is married into the powerful merchant family of the House of Doria who were behind a lot of the funding for these Papal Orders especially the Knights Templars and its offshoots like the Knights of Christ.
Leo Lyon Zagami

I’m still waiting for Leo Lyon Zagami to speak of Emperor Juan Carlos of Spain in detail. Leo does not seem to go near the House of Bourbon for some reason. Remember that Juan Carlos controls Sicily and Leo has a connection with this region. Why would a King of a bloodline thats the second oldest Monarchy in the World be ignored by Leo? May I remind Leo Zagami that the controller of the Middle East is Emperor King Juan Carlos through the Union for the Mediterranean and his ancient Templar title of The Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem aka the King of Jerusalem. Nothing happens in the Middle East and North Africa without his say so and co-operation with Peter Hans Kolvenbach SJ based in Lebanon along with Adolfo Nicolas SJ at the Curia Generalizia.

Shaking hands with the Black Pope, Peter Hans Kolvenbach.

East Jerusalem is fully controlled by the Vatican and is the location of the coming Latin Kingdom iron hand rule over the World.
The Vatican took control of this region in 1993 with the aid of their very loyal Sabbatean Frankist hofjuden, Shimon Peres who was trained by Jesuits in Poland. Any Rabbi who goes against the Oslo Accord which bought all this about, will simply be executed or suppressed.

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

No one can attempt to go up against the Oslo Accord which was created by then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Patrick Worsnip

May I remind Leo that true-Christianity is not a religion and that the Nation of America was destroyed in 1861 and for good in 1865 with the Jesuit assassination of Abraham Lincoln through the Bank of Montreal paid for by Privy Councilor Edward Stanley.

The Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem aka the King of Jerusalem.
The forty-eight State of the Union America has been replaced by a corporation known as the United States which contains fifty States. This corporation is now almost fully controlled by the United Nations through treaties especially since the year of 1992. Similar to how the United Nations controls the City of Birmingham in England through the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives treaty.

Privy Councilor Edward Stanley

The Chinese connection and real power within is not with the overt Triads but with the ancient and very powerful Te-Wu intelligence services which make the Triads look like chicken feed in comparison.

Te-Wu intelligence

These are very well connected with Knight of Malta George H.W Bush the thirty-four year long head of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst in the United States which hides in the Directorate of Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst

The DVD being largely bankrolled through Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Germany whilst also having access through the CIA network to the Exchange Stabilization Fund dirty slush fund made up of dope inc. currency for use in economics and black operations under the U.S Treasury serving The City UK and The Worshipful Company of Mercers. Te-Wu are used as a proxy for the distribution of human organs and powerful China White opium in the East Coast and based largely in Chicago, Illinois.

The distribution of opium

into the West Coast takes place using Japanese Yakuza very much tied to California.
In fact the Japanese Yakuza also own a lot of property in Chicago, Illinois. The distribution of dope is in accordance with The Club of Rome’s, Zero Growth Post Industrial Society Plan signed in by U.S President Jimmy Carter. The Jesuits paved the way in China for the first Knights of Malta to really bring China on line economically such are Henry Luce and then of course George H.W Bush.

synthetic drugs

Macau is now more powerful in gambling and business than Las Vegas which is gradually being destroyed both economically and through drought all to the plan of the Club of Rome. Henry Breakspeare of the Papal Nobility family is supposed to be located in this region of the People’s Republic of China.

dangerous pharmaceuticals

The Worshipful Company of Mercers sent in their London Missionary Society in the first attempt to take over China and destroy its six thousand year civilization. The London Missionary Society trained up the Chinese in how to smoke opium and this is why smoking heroin is known still to this day as chasing the Dragon. Of course today the goal against Chinese is to destroy its Traditional Chinese Medicine and replace it with dangerous pharmaceuticals which make heroin and cocaine look like chicken feed.
This is why medical students no longer have much of an interest in herbalism and follow the illusion that synthetic drugs are some kind of savor when they simply are sorcery and very dangerous sorcery. The word pharmaceutical is derived from sorcery for those interested. The prime poppies used to turn the Chinese into opium addicts were created at Kew Royal Botanical Gardens by The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and shipped to India through The Honourable East India Company. A Company controlled by the Mercers and Apothecaries both being of Livery status and commanded by the 300 families and the Black Nobility Fondi power.
Black Nobility Fondi power

The Honourable East India Company never continued, its merchant masters were around a long time before and have been around a long time since its demise. You will be interested to note that no more than 300 Livery companies will ever be allowed at one time. Does that give you a hint who is the real Committee of 300* ? It was never the Mercers puppet called The Honourable East India Company.

(* Venice's origin ?)

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