Monday, July 22, 2013


To summarize the NSA leaks, here is what I understand:

Snowden is a patsy: this false flag is probably less on the part of Snowden than the ones who are using his material as The Guardian or Wikileaks and their handlers in the intent of :

1. Internationally: blaming the US in the eyes of the international community, making it a rogue state on part with Israel in order to solely put the blame on them in the event of a coming Syria war.*

2. Nationally: prepping the population for the next false flag that will be intended to turn it angry enough and start an internal uprising which 'they' will at least be able to crush using all the executive orders for implementing a definitive police state

3. Shelter Germany from any thought of having anything to do with the NWO since it has been said (who knows ?) that it is the most spied upon EU country and that it should even welcome Snowden as did America for Einstein, meaning the US are the new Nazis and Germany … the poor lamb - of the free !

Reality has faded into a war of attrition. Truth has never been so deeply hidden, so much that the brightest minds of the ‘alternative’ press are better explaining why we should soon encounter the coming of Nibiru than shed the tiniest light over “What Really Happens”.

Germany Intelligence Cooperated with NSA as Merkel Denied Knowledge

Wow ! It looks that Mr P.C. Roberts just wanted to prove me right !!!
Pretending to warn the people by writing in the 'alternative' media what he reads on the NWO prompters, he validates all what I've been explaining according the Illuminati homeland intend to have the US & Israel becoming official rogue states (his own words !) and whitewashing Germany.

BTW, his US war against China is a complete nonsense. The US can break China with no war at all only if they dumped the dollar as they probably will do,sooner than later and Russia plays the gamelike a good dog althouhg they won't let their piece of cake vanish easily because Russians better like cake than bread.
Amitai Etzioni is another phony Jew, probably Barry Chamish would have something to say about him ?

Germany Scraps Old Surveillance Pact with US, Britain over NSA Leaks


Well, nearly one year later, Snowden is still looking after some credibility or so ir seems:

Well, just a bit too late !!

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