Saturday, November 12, 2016


Once again, through the 2016 US election, people have been fooled like first graders. Change at the top will never result in any real change for all since the one and only change that can deal effectively with humanity's problems must come from every individual at the bottom of one's heart.

The two biggest "changes" humanity has experienced in the last two thousand years, in the West, has been exactly that: Christianity and Islam. Christianity was the first mass progress toward a better man and, even if it has been hijacked by hierarchical organisations, it has remained alive because the concept resonated deep inside every human's soul. The same can be said about Islam although this was not much for the better but rather for the worse. Buddhism in the East has the same roots with different results.

Another reason that change will never come from the top is that what we call 'the top' is only a front for institutions that remain unchanged both in their nature and representation, institutions that have been set up from the root to profit exclusively the powerful and keep the pyramid of power unshaken no matter who steers the wheel.

People need to believe and the tragedy is that, instead of believing in themselves to become better men and women, they look for beliefs on the outside. They count on a leader, on a system or on a group to evolve in the right way. Such a tendancy, by definition, will never deliver the result they crave for. The biggest insight of powerful people has forever been to throw at the crowd as much belief systems to chose upon in order to, they say, reach what they are deprived of, an ultimate goal to follow. From the numerous pagan gods of the antiquity until todays' political or religious churches, humanity has never lacked utopies to follow, even if the utopy is a glass of wine with a saussage.

The way out of this spiraling mind control is for every being to reclaim his natural identity, to reconquer his natural life as the sole guide one's have to protect himself and from which to get advised. Way before being a cultural entity, man is a natural wonder that has nothing to gain from any manmade system whatsoever. The source is inside every human being, the source is the life that proceed from the inner 'self' and this one source that is fully identical for every living creature is the only way to regain unity and freedom. Any other attempt to find a meaning outside of that will just divide and humiliate one and the other.

Life and nature are what makes us human and equal, not theories or practices. Life is The Provider, not the state. Man is who he is because he is born such, not because he learns or follows this or that. Freedom is embedded in life by default; escaping this fundamental fact leads straight to slavery, individually as well as collectively. Taking the slightest life form and putting it in a cage means abnormality, depression and death. Consequently, the barometer of human's evolution lies solely in how life is treaten by the people, not only human life but all life, beginning with its weakest elements, vegetal, animal, children and women.

The best proof of that, if one was needed, is that the few remaining natural tribes are a thriving example of life respecting humans, just as young animals are always protected by the elders. If that was not the case naturally, well, life would have gone extinct at its very beginning. The conclusion is: drop army, drop military, don't work for any arm fabric, don't enlist in any life threatening activity, even at the stake of your own comfort or wrong dreams because powerful people still need you and me to be their cannon fodder one way or another.

Humanity's freedom is everyone's task, now and then. As long as the powerful's organisations will find among us nuts and bolts to build their power with, nothing will change. It is an absolute imperative for man to look inside for guidance since, short of that, he will always find himself in the situation of the Hebrews waiting for the return of Moses building one Golden Calf after another.

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