Monday, November 28, 2016


To all those who rejoice over Trump's victory, or Russia's come back to counter the Anglo-Saxons control, or any apparent progress contrary of globalisation, let me tell you that you're not only wrong but the following years will see the final step of mankind's enslavement.

Russia is building a formidable military power and it is not for the good. So does China while Europe and America do not stay behind. Right now, and all the more in the years to come, the world will see every country armed to the teeth as it has never been the case before, and this with weapons so mightyful that nobody will be able to oppose them even if all the people of the world would like to, which is a hopeless wish anyhow.

Until today, and maybe already a few years ago, the world's dictators could not manage their might without the people's help but it is most probably no more the case. Just a few devoted men can crush any rebellion and control the masses at will under the order of the mad tyrans who are destroying the masses in each and every country of the world, no matter under which political colour they disguise their control. We may have escaped WW3 thanks to Trump's election but the Damascus Sword, oops ... Damocles, in front of which a third world war would be a kids' game is now inescapable.

Humanity is enslaved, for good and for ever until some God's miracle will free us from both the crazyness of the few and the madness of the rest. Any step forward just takes us all from Charybdis to Scylla, no matter how mush "awakened" we are. Forget anything else than praying and keeping wrong doing away as much as possible. The Nazis were not Hitler and the SS but the Anglo-Saxons who are passing today the leading role to Russia and, this is the end of the movies because, as said in the Torah, the Devil will come from the North.

This last sentence is neither an outdated prophecy nor a new age "pious nightmare", it is a fact we can witness right now under the sun. Yes, Putin is well connected to the Orthodox Christians and for those who know best, try to recall what that means in the light of the late Barry Chamish research. I can add to this that they are all connected, from Nethanyau to Modi, from ping to pong, all of them in every continent north to south and east from west. The only remaining step everyone should focus over is being the best man possible, performing the highest morality available without compromising for life.

End of transmission as some say.

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