Tuesday, November 29, 2016


one tiny info lacking here ...
Svalbard was made in 1984 (yeah "1984"-:)
meaning 32 (thirty two-:) years ago
then so, it had been designed maybe 40 years ago,
and the project is probably 50 years old if not more,
Got it ??

////Dear Alice, you're late////
WE're late, uh ?

Does ANY ONE know what are we expecting for NOW ???
Because "THEY"'re already planning for the year 2066, don't "They" !!
Have a good night Ladies & Gentlemen

"MAKOW COMMENT- There seems to be a Left (Communist, globalist) and Right (Fascist, Zionist, nationalist) branch of the Jewish Illuminati"

I tried many times to tell that to Henri but to no avail ...

(just put the Fascists' handlers in the first category ...)


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