Wednesday, November 16, 2016


It is quite surreal to see chinese people making exercise in the fog at dawn 
in a country where it is worse to be a "free citizen" than a prisoner in other places ...

Now, let me tell you something about China's factories. I heard the following from an ex brother in law who had been a year in China as a designer in a clothes' factory .

When a new factory is built, some officials go to the countryside and chose a village with the fitting number of people needed to fill up the factory with workers. They make a deal with the village's representative for a number of years. Then, all the village is brought to the place. All the people will from now on live right inside the walls. Those able to work will be trained on the spot. The others, including children will provide for the living amenities like cleaning, cooking, washing ... They work inside, sleep inside, eat inside, die inside for the time of the contract like cattle in a barn. When the contract is over, another village comes to replace the former.

When you're a manager, you're offered a good life all included as was that for my in law. A car is coming to pick you up at your ten stars hotel in the morning, taking you to twenty stars  restaurant for meals and to the pleasure parlor in the evening, if you'd like to, where you enter a huge appartment with dozens of underage naked nude girls dancing or bathing in pools ...

China is a scary place !!

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