Wednesday, November 23, 2016


What are we talking about ? As usual indeed, the powerfuls and the social trends, both of which representing the same illusion of reality.

Trump here, LGBT there, China going global, Putin up, Romney back, the Queen, the Dow, John Bull ... abracadabra.

I hereby declare that the one who will find the trick to have people interested in their own life instead of all the voodoo socialistic theaters will beat God at His own game.

Meanwhile, let's remind that neither God nor the evil has a way to interfere in human's affairs if not for the people to side with one or the other.

As long as we will see the stranger, individual or group, in a dualistic sterile view as a friend or a foe, our world will remained the prey of those who are the advocates of strengh as a prerequisite to lead.

There are always those fighting for the authority and these for the oppressed but both of them are wrong because the Only One to fight for is God and God is nowhere except inside everyone of us. Any and every external fight is an illusion, plain and simple. If everyone was fighting the interior fight, all of us would rejoin and unite without even expressing the need to become united.

The only real and worthy fight is inside, period !!

Poor us who are looking for a 'raison d'être' in the wild wild west, the sky or the far east ... 🐳

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