Wednesday, November 16, 2016


There's a huge Comedia del'Arte brewing right now.

First of all, it is obvious that the PTB wanted Hillary to be defeated. It has been said that the Democrats hadn't scaled the true resentment of the American people ... wrong.

They did everything to position their candidate as the hawk of the hawks.

They had the perfect candidate to win over Trump in the person of Bernie Sanders whom they dumped. They knew that Hillary was the most hated politician around especially because of her extremist objectives regarding both internal and world prospects, past, present and future. How they wanted to push their Neocon program to the end no matter what was another scaring tactic. They had her demonized as much as they could notably through Wikileaks that did not get its material thanks to a few so-called concerned FBI agents, which is a gross lie, but directly from the PTB.

Mrs Clinton during most of the campaign appeared ill but, the next morning, she's walking the woods, and feels quite fine as it seems from the images of her concession speech. ill-ary, another destabilizing factor of the election campaign working contrary to the Dems objectives appears to have also been a total psyop. She reportedly even got drunk the election day evening so that she couldn't appear on stage to say 'ce n'est qu'un au revoir' ..., or was it to give the time to her tailor to sew a purple outfit * ??

Then, comes the "purple revolution" falling apparently from the sky but that had been crafted long ago as another proof that they intended to lose all the way.

* On that 'Concession' Speech (aka Meet the New Clinton Inc.)

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Guilty on all accounts ... "We the People".

Imagine a thief walking down the street holding a big bright sign reading: "I am a thief". 

What for would that be ?

A first possibility could be that all the people were thieves and, this individual just wanted to claim 
loud what happened to be the norm around, for any reason, say like a sodomite in Sodom.

A second could be that, by doing so, he wanted to be arrested because being in jail would spare him a worse fate.

A third could be that he lied to get released later for an advantage.

A fourth that he was driven by someone else's interest who had upon him a way of leverage.

In the case of Hillary's organised flop, we should consider all options.

1. The possibility for a person guilty of many counts of offenses, up to treason, representing of a party (not the Dems but the Neocons) who has in its archives wars and coruption at the highest level to possibly become an official candidate of the US presidency means that all the country is complicit in such a situation only by allowing it to happen.

2. For the Neocons, retreating behind the curtain has become the only option available since their power has faded beyond the possibility of dominating any more, that is, the US army and the global economy in order to escape a huge crash. This move is like a controlled demolition of a cracked tower before the natural crash.

3. Still, fading in the shade is a way to regroup until the next opportunity to come back stronger, during which time the iron hand would release some pressure on the surface.

4.* The Neocons represent only one wing of the NWO, the Anglo-Saxon military and financial dominance that had been in place since a hundred years or so and that is now shouldered by the old guard of European "old-NWO", on a recently acquired parity level, both of them controlled by a few leaders away from the public eye.

Now, where the power comes from ? Technology. The Romans had the first war machines of the times. Then, England with the first industrial revolution had the lead for two centuries. Then, Germany took the lead only for a short time and locally until America became the Sherif. But, the real technology of modern times was indeed born in Germany because it is based on science and science has never left Germany since then. 

The Anglo-Saxons have occupied Germany  and supervised Europe from the end of WW2 but, although they have stolen as much as they could from german scientists, they could not rip them of the core of their science that has remained untouched. That was seventy years ago and eighty since the Quantum revolution. America's military might is fading because, despite their power, they have not advanced as others, Russia in the bright light ans most probably Germany in the shadows. 

The EU (what I call the"Old-NWO") has been controlled by the Anglos on the surface but, except for a few nations like Poland, the heart of EU has remained opposed to the Anglo-American diktat and has waited since then to regain not only their autonomy but their place as the world's leading role. Germany has also a double revenge to take: vs the Nazis that was an Anglo-Saxons creation sent against them from the inside and the American that destroyed the country at the end of WW2 and stole their secrets of the time.

Although both NWOs and other powers that be walk hand in hand, the inside fight always goes on for the lead ...

read: American Dream Metamorphosis: The Fourth Fascist Reich Plan

nb: "Great" Britain has quit the EU because it knows the old NWO - aka nationalists - will regain control of it and soften the 'communist' rules and the Anglos want to keep the grip tighten as mush as they can as proved by the last internet control law they have undertaken.

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