Thursday, October 20, 2016


Edible Plants 'Talk' To Animal Cells


Just experimented that ... Bad tooth ache, & gum also. A few cloves in the mouth for twenty minutes, no way that this could have been a remedy in itself, all the more since the cloves were not that fresh, but the body in a mysterious and wonderful trigger catched it and did suppress the pain a few hours later. 

So, when you read an article like that: "Cucumbers contain bioactive compounds that help fight cancer, heart disease and more", it is not that much the cucumber ingestion in itself that reach out to the illness but an information it passes through the cells to the body to successfully create the right action to fight the disease. 

That's the basis of Homeopathy although the only real & viable work can be done by living plants and not just molecules harvested in a chemical process. Contrary to allopathy, such a healing is based in enhancing one's own body to do the job by itself.

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