Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Hear my words:
If Americans are brain-washed, Russians are brain-dead,
Asians brain-deprived and Europeans brain-exhausted.

What do we have today ? A new world power is arising, based on military might, as always. Globalist Anglos are in for a fall and Nationalists world round are in for a rise, led by Russia. My God, what difference ???

Is there only ONE sane Mind worldround ???

Let me tell you something: Musicians, singers of African origin are Kings of Life whereas all minions of systems are small black dots of Evil empire, be they at the upper scale of power. The former will be at the Right Hand of God while the others will be forgotted for eternity.

While everyone is scratching his heads upon the supposed fights between the American election's gladiators and Putin vs the Pentagon, and their possible outcomes, I pretend that all this circus is just a front prepared for a long time to happen just as it is. Actually, do you suppose that the grand masters of deception who have shaped the modern world would rely on anything but the petty events they throw at us to chew relentlessly ? No way, Joe, because OUR PRESENT IS "THEIR" PAST.

Do you think the upstaged conflicts, militaries, politicals, economicals do not follow a tele-prompter script precautionesly written decades prior to the events ? Poor you ! Not even the so-called alternative press is grasping what is really at stake, why it happens and what will unravel.
The PTB have fomented the french revolution, the communist revolution, the facism, and every event of global importance since two centuries at least. Who they are ? The powerful led by thinkers. Not a single event was not thought about by the Jesuits, the Kabbalists together with the best brains of the forces they side with alternatively or together. What the common people has it difficult to apprehend is that global events do not happen naturally but are prepared in advanced. Our world's shape is 99% totally artificial, today. The people are able to follow leads about events in the forming and deduce some lessons about that. But, comes a revolution, a war, a financial crash and they are lost because they cannot fathom that such a big event can be prepared, and even more that its outcome has been decided, crafted, carefully devised. So it will be with the next up to happen shortly.

We are experiencing a tremendous shift in geopolitics, that is, the transition between an unipolar globalist vision to a more conservative nationalistic environment. And, as usual, people will not only applaud on the outcome but will forget what has led to it. Currently a half century lead of a sole military power, namely the Anglo-saxons' reign. Let me here reassert that I still believe - and will always do - that, America is the arm, yet to be cut, England is the head, to stay and Germany is the brain, the heart, the pulse.
Every nation on earth that was tied with the US, militarily, economically and politically is distancing itself at this time. The globalist vision is dead. Worldround, people are done with wars and the few remaining will be the last. What has achieved globalism ? Exactly the task it had been assigned: control. No less, no more. At this hour, each and every state has the ability to control its citizen with a minimum of manpower. No matter if the armies are skipped away, a few police forces will be enough to control the people because of two facts. First the technological means and second, the death of the individual as a power to be afraid of.

America as it is today exactly fit the picture of Romans at their worst epoch: a people used to enjoy bread and games. Under different colors, this can be said of Europeans, of Asians and nearly every people on earth. There has been four generations of a materialistic culture proned as the highest desire one can wants on earth. The job is done, and re-done. No one wishes anything but that, from L.A. to Abidjan, from Sofia to Perth, from Honolulu to Beijing. Noone can envision an alternative way to dream of. Now, Russia is groomed to become the world power of the thirty years to come in a conservative world, but one that will have nothing to see with the one that preceeded the globalist one.We're in the 21st century, no more, never more in the 20th.

Remember that the first industrial revolution happened in England, in the 18th century, and followed to France, Germany and America in the 19th century when England slowed down and passed the lead to the US only to remain the financial power. Then, in the 20th century, America took on the first globalist lead ever, stirred by english and german money and technology. That is what we still have today, not for long so. (I wished someone more intelligent and instructed than myself could elaborate more precisely, but ... still lonely as it seems)

Now, let me ask: Why would Russia still sell its rocketengines to the US ? Why would the US sell plutonium to Russia ? Why Monsanto is buyed by Bayer ? If the US effectively fight for the establishment of a pipeline to EU from Saudi Arabia, and through Syria, what actually is their gain ? The same could be asked of Libya and Irak. Then, who are they fighting for ? And so on ... In the world game played by "deep states", the PTB, the NWO (old & new), all are together. They play a show that supposedly divide them in multiple factions, that exist because of the unaware people involved and who want the best piece of cake, but that's where the game stops. They all obey the same master who is the one best able to keep them at the top indefinitely, and this one is hidden although we know two of its players, Jesuits and Kabbalists.

Whatever crash, war, ET event, volcano, anything , happens, be sure the following will be worse for all of us, poor humankind that is asleep round the centuries' clock ... Oh, Assange went silent ?! Let me cry ...

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