Tuesday, July 14, 2015


You need not reaching any aim to become anything that you might think about, according to all you know, to be 'successful' in life, because, you are.
You don't need to search anywhere any meaning for your life because, you are.
You are needed because if you were not, you would not be.
Anything that is has its own meaning in being the best of what it is, no more, no less.
Forget all that is not good to life, your own first, because, - you are because life is -.
Life is you and you are life, as much as you understand it and act consequently.
Bring your life into life, be alive, cherish life, be curious of life, every moment is important to not live it at its best, at one's best, to not be part of life, always, whatever it means, as much as one can afford to.
Respect life, for what it is, the most powerful force to be ever; respect every life form, and your own, that is part of life, and on the highest level to date ...

And if I had an advice, I'd join Mrs Diawara in saying: every moment is important. Live in the present, be awake , forget the past & the future for what they are, smoke. What is real, what one has to care for all the time is life, one's life, other's life, because, if you don't take care of it, you are dead already, you are lost to every possible fantasy, your own ... and others', beware because if you don't, noone else will, even God. But, if you walk the right path, you will stop being alone, you will be with yourself first, with the life you represent, a human life to say so ... if needed ! Every form of life will mean something to you, and you may experience some nice events too as a 'bonus'.

Stop looking at your life but live. Stop being a bystander of yourself, don't build on the future neither on the past. You have projects ? Memories ? Good, but forget about them as building stones of your lifetime. Don't wait for this or that to get over to that or this. Just be, not as a spectator but as an actor of your life, and act, toward yourself and the others, decide for yourself what you want to achieve and begin it at the same time. Bon't build on the future, I say. Nor on the past whatever great you did achieve. Life goes on, and so do you, if you will.

Let me add, don't build yourself a structure within which you would have a role to play, a mental representation in which you attribute to yourself a playwrite, a role to perform because there is a structure that pre-exist all and that is the only one real, life, and the role you have in it is the only one worth to play, and play it good, in all meanings, good to you, to others, to life. Apart from that, well ... Yes, be free, set you free from yourself, your own 'servitude' through which you live in a distorted reality, with illusory goals, fabricated pasts, and so on, life set you free, only life. Thank you, God bless.

That said, it is extremely difficult to get along with people we know and not share their plights that they see as their own but which are in fact for most of them plights created and inflicted by the state of humanity and by those who profit of such a situation. Go tell your neighbor that he needs a dog, or a cat because he himself has forgotten how to be a human, what it means and so on because we are all plastic made in China with a German-American dream on the horizon.

Social relations in the 'white world' have disappeared because people prefer being dumb than understand their role and responsability as a man. The occidental way of life, based on profit and matter has no future, from the root. And here is another misunderstood point with huge consequences in the 'west': time. Time* for most of the world has to be filled. Filled and carved because when one doesn't do something of time, time passes ... Eh isn't that so ?

Yes, but it is frightening if you are afraid of death, if you did not understand life, accept it and honor it but if you want to remain young, and other insanities. If you are a man, become a woman, forget your self, and reality, live your illusion until the end. You got to get along with time and not the contrary. You got to get along with yourself and not disguise into a living dead, a fictitious character that you swore it is you.

Cowardice and profit are for ages killing humanity, everywhere because both mean to become what we are not, time dependant creatures, as if we were not eternal ?

You say: "Why is that boy dead at such a young age ?" What do you know ? Do you know when comes a soul and when it goes ? Where from and toward ... ??? We are all equals before death but we are also all equals before life beause the human task is one, one first AND ONLY ONE !!!!!!!

Be who you are meant to be and bless God as God blessed you to be able to understand who you are !

Be alive, AND LIVE, (forever !) represent life that is good, use nature that is ready for you to live in a small paradise, life is serious, all the time, at every moment, in its tiniest aspect, life is life and death is but a small part of life. Life is a fight, a fight for life itself except for man who's task is to understand who he is and become that, "who one is", a good man and a good woman, who care for themselves, their families, their friends, the elderly and the young, who share, who sing together, who get along smiling but, but, God bless !!!

* Time ... One of the keys is not to live in the past or in the future more than in the present. I mean, do not value your memories or your hopes more than your your present time, do not compare but put the past and the future where they belong: thoughts, 'virtuallity'. Be alive and live !!! Man has in Reality one & only one choice: to walk in life's - God designed - footstep ... or walk out. The first path has one door but the second has billion.

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