Sunday, July 26, 2015


Humanity need a 'matrix-free' generation of children to get itself out of the mess it is and it has been since its beginning. Matrix means for profit. Mankind must opt out civilizations based on profit, on power scales, on idiocy to be short, worldwide !

And the one and only way out is to grow children that will become aware of the dire situation where we find ourselves. The goal is to try to live as much as possible outside all institutions that are promoting or benefacting of the matrix. Children are a prime target for the matrix because as soon as age 6/7, children are formated about the roots of life ... as it is , where they grew up because, as in nature, the first aim of a child is to understand the world and begin to make his way INSIDE it, because that is what there is.

The first objective of adults should be toward kids, and a good try should be to get them read Fenimore Cooper, and some others, beyond being yourself as much out of the matrix one can. We absolutely do not understand how much we are programmed, deeply, in all aspects of life, how much we are dependant on the matrix in the tiniest aspects of our life, and that's what is setting the ground where young souls learn 'life' and do their best to prepare their place in it, later.

You don't get it probably. See, when a child learns life through what he sees, he cannot believe that it could be another way, that he himself could look at what he sees and not believing it is not reality, bullet proof reality !! Tell him otherwise, he won't trust you, no way !!! He's a child and a child is serious, as serious as the wisest man on earth, serious when he laughs, when he cries, when he eats because he learns life and that's the most serious business he will do in life. And the vision of life one has learned by himself as a child, through his own skin, remains until death.

So, the best way is to give examples of what a grown up man can be, how he lives, how he behaves, that is, to be ourselves - short - examples. Live on less materiality, be helpful to any kind of life, even in the adversity ... Be a Man where there is none ! Oh yes, it costs, it severes relationships, sometimes, but it builds new ones, and on a broader level. That's the win-win and first objective we must have to start what has not yet ever been even approached: a true human kind's life ... Worth it ? You chose.

So, so ..

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