Sunday, July 26, 2015



Wherever we live, whatever our lifestyle, we ingest daily highly toxic components that, even taken at small amounts are tiring the immune system that is bended to react all the time.

While we can get rid of many pollutants, still too many are unavoidable and it is a duty to get rid of them if one would avoid the official killer medicine ...

Check, and others like Wakingnews (beware of the trash) or Dr Rath ... see the right column !

Many supermarkets in EU offer now some organic products at prices more affordable than the traditional shop ... when you don't have the ability to reach a green market which remains the best.
Among them, Géant Casino is probably the cheapest and its Camembert nearly matches that of Carrefour at 2,1€. But only Super U has pure organic orange juice in glass bottle at 1,99€ (still 60 cents more than the regular).

Well, be aware that organic products packaged in plastic or aluminium (chocolate) are no more organic. As usual, cheating for profit is allowed. 

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