Sunday, July 19, 2015


original drawing by TG

"Sakatiti" is a riddim, a beat and melody base upon which musicians can build songs of different kinds. Musicians are achitects of vibes. Sakatiti is not only a password for most african musics but one of the oldest tempo of humanity. 

There is a small island called Dominica between Martinique & Guadeloupe where I happened to spend a night a few years ago. Dominica is a restricted territory for photography, simply forbidden everywhere except where allowed ... Because Dominica is one of the poorest countries in the world. Cigarette paper is sold by the leaf. Dominica is indeed The nature island, and nothing else. Nothing else but Reggae. On the radio, in minibuses, out of the windows, reggae music just flows like one of the 360 water springs. And, if one wants to join pleasure and care, just get yourself to that event, and give to people in the street all you have before coming back ... No sir ?


Mahalia Jackson

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