Friday, July 24, 2015


Fenimore Cooper did reach a very deep understanding of humankind. For example, he believed that a man belongs to his kind, whatever he would do to ignore it and try to live the life of another kind. A black man is and will remain a black man, and so on, just like it is said in the Torah that God created every life form according to its species. 

The first principle of life is the one of individuality. Life is individual and every individuality represents life. The second principle, coming from the first, is that every individual life form is different from the other and the third, if I may say so, is that each individual life comes to light according to species. 

Individuality means separation and, creation;  separation is the most important tool we use from birth on.  Life appeared in a world where separation of elements was carefully crafted during ten billions years until the first individual lifeform appeared. But separation in life is different from separation in matter. 

Separation in life means that each lifeform is one of its kind and that, one is who one is because one is alive as one of his kind. Each lifeform is not only a new creation but a creation that will itself create, will live a footprint, will transmit a knowledge, will share its life with other lifeforms, will reproduce itself materially and spiritually ... inside one's species.

And man, above all lifeforms can choose what he does with his  life, to a certain extent, and this freedom is a God given gift. And God tell you: "Be Holy as I am Holy" ! One must separate his material life from his spiritual one, the one that allows him to choose what he'll do with his body, his vessel. 

Because life is its own goal, above all. Life itself is holy because every spark of life in every individual life form is a part of God's eternal life, - you included. What one does with one's life is not the goal and, to remind that, to remind us that we are more than the limited flesh which we inhabit, we rent from life, God Himself set the example in resting the seventh day. 

By the way, have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror deeply and, have you noticed how your own eyes look at you harshly, as if they said, "what are you doing of the body that is behind the image that you think is yours ?", as if they were your own judge ? 

So, to come back to the beginning, if sprcies are separated because, "That's Life",  time also is separated in two periods, as I tried to show here:

That's the root meaning of the Menorah precisely as seen here where the intervals are as important as the branches. The hebrew calendar goes with both the sun and the moon and it is quite astonishing that, white people mostly Christians have chosen sunday as their 'holy' day the day after Shabbat because theirs is the 'new shabbat' and how muslims chose friday because they pretend to be the true keepers of the faith thanks to Ichmael ...

Anyhow, every lifeform is holy because it is a piece of life but man to be holy must chooses so and be a 'good man'. Though, Shabbat is here to remind him that he does not become holy thanks to his work but because his good work allows him to enter the preexistant holyness of life ( - and not decide what is holy or not by himself -, that is also why we Jews say blessings on food because one uses life to maintain one's own, that is holy too, by itself, no need to nothing for that, a pet, a trip or a rabbit's foot won't help ...

Yes my brothers, we don't know anything yet important, whatever we think we do.

Yes, board the train of life, you yourself, not asking anyone or anything, no Jesus, no nothing except you and put the finger into Eternal Life, throw yourself in the flow of life - that IS ETERNAL. Everyone of us has in his sleeve, he himself because he is alive, a free ticket for eternity, just use it, will U ???

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