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                                                                                                                     by Barry Chamish

(Photography by Avi Gleitzer)

On Monday, Aug. 15/05, a mini-Holocaust took place in the 23 Jewish settlements of Gaza, collectively called Gush Katif. On that day the Jewish cowards
threw up their hands and let their army bulldoze their homes. They paid for their cowardice by living in leaking shanties while half their children abandoned
their religion for drugs. Meanwhile, the parents were forced by the banks to repay their mortgages. Not a penny of compensation was given by the government
to the Jews they made homeless.
Two books were published to document this event; Banished by Aliza Basmenachem, and my Bye, Bye Gaza. We conclude with a review of Banished but start
with snippets from my Bye, Bye Gaza: It is a sad tale of infiltration, trickery and the dumbing down of Gaza's Jews:

black and white:

    By the time of the Gush Katif pullout in 2005, I was breathing the patsy tricks, the phony settler leaders, the set-up acts of violence by the Jews; I knew them all as if I had 
planned them. If the pullout was in exchange for some sort, any sort of peace treaty, it could have been explained. But it was just an act of raw, unbridled revenge against the 
settlers. So I went to Gaza week after week, until days before the army removed the residents and I warned them to stand up and fight. I warned them that they would be 
made paupers with no compensation. I told them the government views you as the enemy and is heartless. 
    I may as well have stayed home. The Jews still live is shabby mobile homes and their homes are now missile launching pads.
    And now, new victims are on the way. And nothing I can say, do, or write will stop what is about to happen to them. If you live in half of Jerusalem, anywhere in Judea and're next. After you, everyone in their turn. And worst of all, there is no sorting out the mess. The Jews don't understand that their people have been infiltrated. 
And they won't even try to understand. Gush Katif hotel eviction. Did you know that Nadia Matar requested from the police to remove Itamar Ben Gvir and his hooligans from the hotel a week before
the eviction? Guess what? The police IGNORED her. Why? They WANTED a big political story of the "crazies" in the hotel. I KNOW most of the people evicted
from the hotel. They all said -- a group of Itamar Ben Gvir hooligans came out of nowhere, 
refused to leave, and caused the whole "uproar" of what happened. 
Please note: less than 24 hours before the raid and eviction, the police arrive and escort Ben-Gvir out of Gush Katif. Why? He works for rile up his hooligans...
and make people like you think (and a lot of the Israeli public) that the hotel was full of fanatical crazies.

Now, look at the exploitative success of Matar's nemesis, the subverted mole Itamar Ben Gvir. Back in 2005, Matar had enough righteousness to gather 2300 demonstrators to 
confront the army in Gush Katif (Gaza) before the withdrawal. What an embarassment that would have been were it not for Ben Gvir. He and his gang showed up and got the
violence going with a sign visible in the nearby Arab town reading, "Muhammed Is A Pig." If you don't get the provocation, imagine a sign outside your door reading,
"Jesus Is A Pig." Predictably the violence started, the army stepped in and to prevent the brutality from spreading, threw out all 2300 protesters, sending hundreds of teenage 
girls to detention camps for months. 

       After this fiasco Nadia Matar kind of woke up. She wrote me:

I agree with what you wrote below 
After Gush katif I have come to the realization as to how sick and pathologic the national religious camp and its "leaders" are- and how the religious "mamlachti" education has turned most of our camp into puppets that bow down to the State and its symbols -even if the State is trying to destroy the Torah, the Land and the People. 

     Nadia could have made a difference but she and her protesters were infiltrated. But then EVERYONE was infiltrated.

* Once there were three primary protest groups in Israel. There was The Yesha Council, which was nothing more than a tool of the government. Those who know my writing will recall 
Council head Benzi Liberman testifying at the trial of Avigdor Lieberman that he worked with the police to keep protesters far from Gush Katif.
* But during the fight to save Gush Katif, attorney Even Or showed me his other hand. In loud and long monologues, he defended the government's inhumane and injustice policy of using the 
army to expel 10,000 honest Jews from their homes. The country will be safer, he insisted. There will be no more reserve duty in Gaza, he argued. And while the entire Right fought the
"evacuation," Even Or favored it, vigorously.
* POLICE CHIEF SAYS THEIR LEADERS BETRAYED SETTLERS He said that he could not have expelled the Jews from Gaza and northern Samaria in six days without
the secret connivance of settler leaders.  The police allowed certain protests, he said, so the leaders would not seem like betrayers  (IMRA, 1017).  
 In late July 2005, over 50,000 people had gathered in Sderot for a protest organized by the Yesha Council, supposedly to march to Gaza and save Gush Katif. We got in our cars
for the mission but the police, predictably if you're me, had blockaded our passage. Thousands of cars pulled over to the side and word was spreading quickly to march half a mile to the
blockade to confront the police. In my car were my friends Jerry and Iris. I said, "It's going to happen at last. Let's meet the police and push them out of the way." Iris felt like me,
nervous about police reaction, but knowing that if Gush Katif was to be saved, we had to defeat the authorities. Jerry joined us, but was worried how injury or arrest would be viewed at work.
Half way to the police lines, worried Yesha Council workers ran up and down the lines, warning everyone to get back in their cars because, "The Bagatz, (the Supreme Court), is hearing
our petition to continue right now." As I watched the mob return to their cars, I said to Jerry and Iris, "Let's go home. Gush Katif is gone."
* Rabbi Shlomo Aviner was used by the security services to brainwash Israeli youths not to seriously oppose the destruction of Gush Katif, while appearing that he was on their side.
"Rabbi" Aviner's unseemly and illegal dalliances with young ladies he advised, trapped him into spydom. 
Over 600 Gush Katif expellees still face court for protesting their forced removal from their homes, 
Who can forget that evening in July, 2005 when 70,000 people gathered in the then-lovely town of Sderot to march for three days to save Gush Katif? Marching in the July heat
didn't quite wreck the chances of success, so the secret service (Shabak) rabbi, Shlomo Aviner stepped to the podium and told his youthful followers to always remember that the police
were, "Your brothers in flesh and blood. We will never confront them." And how the youth of Yesha cheered their own holy naysayer of doom! After all, he had already prevented
any real protest by guiding the idealistic young protesters to hand out worthless orange rags at junctions, or to hold hands in a line from Gush Katif to the Western Wall.  He had altered his followers from angry protesters to flaked-out hippies. All for the government.

      My review of BANISHED expressed my feelings succinctly. It's a very important book and you can get from me. Read to the bottom for how;

                                          A CHABAD MASTERPIECE: BANISHED by ALIZA BASMENACHEM
                                                                             by Barry Chamish
      Banished bills itself as " A Historical Novel Depicting And Deciphering The Disengagement From Gush Katif." But, while true, there is far more to this description. First of all,
 it's a chick book that men will also love. Being a chick book, it's long, filled with intertwined characters and more melodrama than us guys can usually take. But there was Herman Wouk! 
And finally there is truth, the real thing, the murderous truth about the awful cruelty the Israeli government inflicted on its Jewish Gazan citizens barely half a decade ago. For anyone who
appreciated my book Bye Bye Gaza, you'll find BasMenachem's perspective is mine. I'll give you some quotes to illustrate the perspective of Banished:

"We are under the constant surveillance of the police and secret service. The Secret Service pays Arabs to stage a terrorist attack to get rid of their political opponents."

"Administrative Detention was revived to incarcerate rabbis and activists and hold them indefinitely without pressing charges."

"Goldstein was set up so they could make him the icon of an extremist settler who represents all settlers."
      The Author uses altered names to present actual figures of the Disengagement atrocity, ie. Flasche is Martin Shlaff, the Austrian casino crook whose blackmail of the Israeli Prime
Minister (the book refuses to name him) guides the events, murders and psy-ops hidden behind the scenes. The most stinging of criticisms, however, are reserved for the settler Jews 
who betrayed their own minions. There is Adam, head of the Vaad Kehilot. He is Pinchas Wallerstein then head of the Yesha Council. His government mission was to appear to be 
the leader of the settlers while organizing time and energy-wasting distractions to wear down the revolt. Anyone who wasted their January camped outside the Knesset under 
Wallerstein's "plan" now realizes this "protest" kept real protest in check. Then there was Kfar Maimon when Wallerstein and "Rabbi" Aviner succeeded in turning 50,000 marchers to 
Gush Katif into 50,000 suckers marching in a circle. Of Adam, BasMenachem writes:

 "Yom HaAtzmaut was an easy diversion for Adam to orchestrate. There would be speeches. Adam would be in the limelight. And again he would stress the need for unity
and obedience to one group of leaders, meaning himself and his Judenrat."

A simple anagram turns Shlomo Aviner into rabbi Reniva. Aviner was exposed as a serial molester of young girls throughout the Israeli media before being given the option
of destroying the Disengagement youth or facing a long prison term. BasMenachem is right on target in her portrayal of him.

"Reniva stroked her cheeks with both hands, held her face and looked into her eyes. Then he ran his hands down the side of her neck and held her shoulders. 'What if I
promised you that if you do your job in the Disengagement, that G-d will reward you with a home of your own. A loving husband and beautiful children?' It was a satisfactory 
meeting. The next time the wretched rabbi would begin where he left off, with a hand on each knee."

This shouldn't be an easy book to read if you lived through the obvious Gov't operations to prepare the people for the "righteous" removal of Jews from Gaza. I saw the murders
 of Israeli soldiers in their APVs and in their army base to convince the public that it was too dangerous to serve in Gaza. I saw the murder of the Cohen family on their way from 
Gush Katif to participate in the anti-Disengagement Referendum. I saw the massacre at Shuafat two days before the Disengagement began. And I knew the end of Banished before I read
the first word.
        But once I got started, I read all 362 pages in two sittings. That is the inspiration and power of the author at work. But more than that, I personally knew some of the personalities.
One example will do. Yossi, the head of the Chabad yeshiva in Gush Katif, whose name wasn't Yossi but everything else about him in the book reflected the man, snuck me into
Neve Dekalim a week before the Disengagement to give me a rundown on the G-d-awful settler leaders behind the upcoming fiasco, beginning with Shlomo Aviner. This reference is 
leading to my one concern and criticism of the book: the author is a proud member of Chabad and that will undoubtedly restrict her readership. And we can't let that happen. 
This book deserves a wide readership and that means cultural understanding.
       It's not hard to make the jump. A main character is Eitan, a boy with Downs Syndrome. In the non-religious world, amnio tests have come close to eliminating Downs births. 
In the religious world, no matter how they kvell over such children, it is a widespread phenomenon. And the author, unconsciously I'm sure, over-romanticizes the Chabad shabbat, 
while denigrating the secular lifestyle. To her, having a predictable meal and then walking down the street greeting people is the ultimate in fun, while the secular Jerusalem with clubs,
restaurants and parties, means they have "nothing to do." Just know she is not selling a way of life that some would find stultifying; she means it. Skip that side of the book and what
you're left with is, dare I say it? Okay, I will; a masterpiece.
      This book is predicated on the tension between the victims, the residents of Gush Katif, and two real groups who to this day are threatening to push Israel to its final demolition:
the  murderous government and the religious Jewish leaders infiltrated and doing the murders by proxy.
      BasMenachem's alter ego in her book is the Shakespeare quoting Tirtza. And as sad and hopeless as the story is, just before the end she declares: 
      "The spirit of Gush Katif may be wounded but it is not broken."

I'm sorry Aliza, but wrong conclusion. The infiltrators like Aviner and Ben Gvir still manipulate the settler movement. And the disengagement still goes on in places like Migron.
Except now, the enemies of the Jews smell the weakness and are ready.
     Worse, soldiers from Migron's neighboring communities are so blindsided that they will aid in Migron's destruction even though their homes are in line for subsequent demolition.
The government has promised to rebuild Migron's homes and amazingly some residents think the offer is serious, forgetting that the government's Gush Katif compensation never arrived. 
And how will the refugees react to instant homelessness? With pride, of course.
    While I was dodging army barricades and sneaking into Gush Katif to get the real story out, on the very eve of the destruction where were you petition signers? Why wasting your
time at a protest rally in Tel Aviv. WHY WEREN'T YOU IN GAZA? After the evacuation was complete, the residents found themselves in leaky trailer "homes" awaiting compensation
that never arrived. The government didn't have the spare cash to rehouse the victims, so it let them wallow in subhuman housing, watching as their families fell apart. I met one such 
Gush Katif refugee couple after the "evacuation" and they glowingly announced that they were from the remnants of Gush Katif. I wiped the supercilious smiles off their faces with one
      Two days before the fascist troops moved into Gush Katif, there was a rally where more than 
200,000 people showed up. Where was it? In Tel Aviv. Not near the Gush Katif prisoners? Of course not. 200,000 could have actually overwhelmed the forces and
made withdrawal unfeasible. And that was not what the kapos of the Yesha Council wanted. 
     And guess what question I heard a hundred times from a hundred people that night? "Do you think the withdrawal will go through?" They still hadn't caught on.
     After the deluge, a friend of mine told me she had spent the day helping the Gush Katif refugees, bringing them food and setting up their computers. I asked her,
"Are you nuts? You're not helping them, you're helping the 'government' of Israel. They got them into this mess, now they can get them out of it. Learn from the
Arabs already. Do not rehabilitate the refugees. If you do, within a short time you'll solve their plight and the authorities will be free to make more thousands homeless."
     But more to the point: Screw You Gush Katif. You Let Us All Down
     The night before the troops advanced, what did Gush Katif do? Put up barricades for a showdown?
Raze all properties so the mafia of the CFR and Israeli 'government' would not rob you of your life's work? Prepare helmets and Mace to fight the fascists? Chain
 yourself to your properties?
      Nah. You danced.
      The fathers of Gush Katif weren't prepared to defend their homes. No sir. They sent their teenage children to the battle front. And from now on those brave
wonderful kids will lose all respect for their cowardly fathers. Not a life was lost for the Gush, not a soul injured. The Jews walked into the cattle cars with their hands up.
      Shame on Gush Katif.


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