Monday, August 24, 2015


Man's identity does not lies in being part of a group, as perfectly explains Jon Rappoport, and further than that, the social identity of any man or woman or child, and the society itself, do not play a role in the evolution of man's species.
Think for a while, what was the last evolution from which we are who we are and not 'advanced apes' ? Well, whatever it was, let me tell you that is has been, and not that long ago in the universe's scale, even in life's scale, and that it was not the last, and that the next 'man' will be to us what we are for apes, and the difference might be much more impressive also ... What you say ?

When will that be ?
Who knows ?
He knows, He Who had a dream about all what that is,
and it will far away from who we think we are, or will be,

very probably too, except for one thing, love.

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