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Values are individuals because values are personal because values come from life and life is individual ... Values are carried out by every individual. No collective form of people can ever carry and/or transmit values of any kind whatsoever, got it ?
You & I must get and get through values of/in life, not society !!!

Bring peace. Whatever I can do, I will do it.
And beyond peace, or thanks’ to peace, what do they wish ? Three main values, three core fundamental of life, Justice, Unity and Love, those kids of Afghanistan, one of the deepest misery strike country like Somalia or North Korea, by mans’ design, not Gods’, but we all know that, don’t we ?.

What does the 'Schema' has to say ?

The smallest part is:
'Schema Israel, Hachem Elohenu, Hachem Echad.'
'Hear Israel, God is Our God, God is One.'

It is the last prayer every Jew says daily before closing his eyes. Somehow, it is the prayer through which you ask God to keep an eye on you during your sleep although here, it is not directed to God but to the Jewish people !

The first reason is that man has nearly nothing to fear from nature anymore but a lot from his fellows.
Another reason is that everyone is 'responsible' of his fellows, by who one is & what one does.
And the last reason is that, if it were directed to God, you could not say it in a closed place that has no Mezuza, on the move abroad for instance.
I like it ! And the last part too since we are also one, individually, and one all together, when on the same path, as God is One.

God's caring is granted if one walks His path; it is up to oneself but also to the people one lives with, and here comes the need of agreeing to be, or alone on the disunited way, or together on the one way, not together as part of a club. The matter is collective in its largest denomination, including all life, according to species and their level of impacting the rest of the earth, & man’s late or more than that ! Every form of life has its part in the whole , is needed, and man if he were wise would not side with the shiny but dry images of himself the society provides him with but with his natural self that is a true wonder of a living marvel, a man, a woman, a child, each one human: today's last result of fourteen billions years of a walk toward just who we are, alive, conscious, free, curious, happy and loving creatures, like Goldilocks in the room of Little Bear.

And it is up to us, all together, or not, as much as individually, to uplift our lives by the interaction between the personal and the collective, & since we are all different, with a unique view of the 'reality' everyone has his own stone to bring, to share with other's views. When God asked Moche to start anew a Jewish people with him as a 'new Abraham', Moche refused, because he was as much part of his people as part of God's plan. And God agreed.

And we are here, thanks’ God, and thanks’ Moche, & Noah btw. And thank you, all of you who walk on a reasonably right path, but the trick is to go forward, even when we fail, because, if we won't ever reach the whole truth, or happiness, or understanding, it is not that important because it is the efforts to go on that is itself the goal; the way is the goal since the goal is too far away for us, humans, to reach.

So many things and so much more in six words, isn’t it ? There is a man who bravely and much unexpectedly has recognized that in a song where he says: “When I walk in the valley in the shade of death, I don’t fear no harm because You are with me, because you are with me.”, the second you meaning all of us, humanity. And, as he does, you also must acknowledge and accept and even glorify yourself that one walk the right path because God led us toward it, not us. But that is also another story.

Ah People, beautiful people, what do you do of us all when all is here for happiness ! My grand parents’ life was cut in half, my parent’s was a riddle of fear and bad memories, mine was also miserable for a good part, the best part must I say ? All that because we ALL do not unite on the right path, just a word, yes, yes we can, for the One and only Master Who loves us, must I say Who ? Pick it up before we are blown up to the point of no-return, for our species, not life !

So what, Humanity ? Forget Materiality, and live together, inside a matrix of love, care, interest, share, let’s grow links between us, good links, not deceitful, links of love, friendship, life sharing through all good things cultivating, baking, singing, running, musical groups, theatre, anything that builds a net of faithfulness, of joy, of interest … A net of true individuals expressing themselves, their real self, not robots reproducing ‘memes’, a net not based on profit and materiality but curiosity and spirituality, who we really are, in the end as well as the beginning !


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