Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Power of the Individual is the Power of Life

The Power of the Individual is the Power of Life

The most powerful force in the universe is the 'life-drive'*. All the other forces are either secondary or illusory, or say, temporary. Physical power, money power are both effective examples of the forces that rule human society for ages but they change, from here and there and now and then, they are in no way primary forces that are like the physical forces, unbounded and unlimited. If you stand with them, you may be powerful for a while but that is until you stop being in the power ring or until your death, you are a temporary power, a 'temporary file' and death is the erasing button.

On the contrary, if you stand with the life forces, if you learn to live by them, then, death is a no more the end, the delete option of a no event but the door to the recycling of what you have grown up to with life. Have you been good, have you protected the weak, have you watered the hearts, have you understood and developed abilities to be helpful, to spread joy ... then these will not vanish since they have become a part in the eternal process of life, they are stored in your book of life, they will live forever and you will remain the bearer of those events for ever, and not only the ones you succeeded to accomplish but the ones you wished to realize !

Life is infinite, that's why the brain is too and can not only invent things that are not, based on the existing world, but it can invent its own world, any world, and the thoughts themselves, as long as they are sided with life will never be forgotten, dreams the same.

When I talked of money power as a temporary illusion of force, I should add that even those illusory forces are driven by the life-drive that has nestled in every life form the need to succeed, the desire to overcome any opposition but this natural desire that is naturally bounded by the satisfaction of one's normal desires, is overturned into a supreme goal, it has become the god to fight for, the right to lead others that may not know enough to be able to set the path os success, especially in the collective way and that brings the annihilation of the individual, of the source itself of the life-drive since it is as life individual in its essence. That's what Mr Rappoport talks about with such greatness.

What is the power of the individual ? It is the power of life. Life began with the first individual, the first independent life form and, as we know it today, the power of life through individuals is infinite, it exists in each individual. The apparition of life needed at the time of the beginning of the universe such a precise determination of the amount of energy and the quality of the different forces at work to be able to bring about a state where life, billions of years after the origin could appear, refine itself and become aware of itself. The only true power is the one that takes its source in the power of life and goes with it, not against it. All that is not for life is against and what is against vanishes forever when the abduction of life forces stops. On the contrary, life forces used to comfort themselves become as life itself building blocks of the life-drive, they share its essence and stand for ever.

The origin of life and the universe could be attributed to a Being with two characteristics, the 'Eternal Being' and the 'Perfect Individual', Who can say, and only Him: "I Am Who I Am", you guess where it comes from, problem is, like in every faith, anywhere around, nothing has been properly understood and then, everything has been distorted. Whatever, this 'I Am Who I Am' is possible because the source of life - was - before life appeared and so, is eternal, and this source is singular in its essence, it is 'The' individual, as far as I know.

Yes, the ‘power’ that put together the equation of an universe that was about to bring life, and the conscience of itself out of a void some 14 billion years ago, the ‘intention’ to take out of the dark the most brilliant colors, shades, the most unique characters, from the eagle to the dolphin, the most profound individualities, the most loving creatures, us included, the ‘drive-life’ is the most powerful force outside but also inside. It is the force that drives the search of all powers at bay, good or bad, it is the force that will reward you thousand times more than any-thing else, it is its rewards that no money can buy and it begins by being what you are at its best, being healthy and independent, being free, naturally. Freedom is the expression of life, freedom is the natural state of every newborn and, in the wild, parents promptly teach their children the basics of what they get to know to live and ciao bambino !
So, what is the intent to bring to life so many creatures that share the magnificence of being alive and appreciating it ? Well, as I feel it, there is no hidden system here, no agenda other than allowing all to live together, to share and improve, naturally, by the power of love, what we are so privileged to experience, life, life itself, life together under the loving eye of the One who brought all this to light.

Now, people that want to lead on you are eager to deprive you from what you have naturally and it begins with your health, material, moral and spiritual. Unhealthy people do not appreciate life and even blame it for being alive, even wish death and are prone to entertain morbid thoughts, are not moved by other’s misery because they themselves feel miserable. They profit on the unhealthy state of society more than on anything else, this is their main goal which they escape by doing for themselves the contrary of what they finance and promote worldwide. They live healthy family lives, hidden from the crowd, in nature paradises from Sicilia to the Maldives, Scotland ... They would not want their kids to breathe in Beijing, Tokyo of Paris, take the tube anywhere or eat fast-food.

Then, there is the majority of human beings that, despite being the majority, agrees in some way or another to live miserable lives, away from the sun, away from life, away from love. The reality most of us live in is not real but a concept entertained by use, by laziness, by stupidity, by selfishness beyond being promoted by the ‘masters’, a concept where the individual is bonded by its destiny, by the appearance the society has taken that is of a machine like in Chaplin’s ‘Modern times’ where every individual must fit to a task imposed by the laws of economy, say profit, competition, and greed, a world of materiality, closed, narcissist and egoistic that is at the opposite of life which is spiritual, opened and sharing. This world with all its misery that Dickens described so well is a man-made nightmare where the individual has no say since he is a part of it or he is nothing, nothing at all except burden, a loss. Fit or die.

But it isn’t so, it should not be, most of mankind does not want it so … So what ??? See, on one side, we have individuals deprived of their essence, life, and the freedom that goes with it, a deprivation to be blamed mostly on themselves who, for ages, prefer being small wheels, stupid and arrogant rather than light bearers, loving and sharing. On the other, there is a handful of other individuals who try with all their might, that is little, to change the things to go. And on a third, you get the ‘masters’, whoever ‘They’ are. Well, it has always been, as it seems, and the only destroyers of such ‘civilizations’, like Rome, has been so far the barbarism, from the Visigoths to Hitler and his fellows. Today that the ‘civilization’ is ‘global’, no matter if the ‘masters’ wear red, green or blue shirts, ‘They’ wait to launch another Spartacus to burn the masses one day because there is, in their eyes, too many of us and indeed, according to the state of misery worldwide, in the open and hidden, as I said above, too many people do not shy from extreme ‘solutions’, desperate as they are.

This is an abyss where humanity is about to fall, united in despair and divided in hope. Yes, people are ready to fight one another for their illusions, so tiny they may be, illusions of being part of a system, any system but one that they are sure they have ‘chosen’. Alas, except life itself which we lack so much, there is no ‘system’ but illusion, no reality but death, no collectivity but a machine that destroys its parts. The individual’s power is life itself, nothing else. Every individual is the direct result of life, be it a flower, a fish, a man and every need that is not fulfilled to sustain its life, sun, pure water, pure food, clean air, will bring good thoughts, good energy, good vibes in tune with the universe. This is life, the sweet life that lies outside ‘Concrete jungle’ and anything that goes with it.

What do you really own down here ?  Who you are.  And who are you beyond the living spark that you carry, beyond being a naturally free, intelligent living marvel ? You are what you chose to side with, no matter the scope of it, good or bad. Full of pride, of selfishness, of arrogance, of desire to lead, to succeed at all cost, you will tie yourself to the ‘Powers to be’ that are always here to enroll such individuals who believe that their individuality stands with their fame, who in fact escape their original identity to become what is needed to climb the ladder of power to become a wheel in a rainbow colored machine of not only mind control but life control, reality control. Then, these ‘zombie-individuals’ act as tribe members who are no more tuned to their original being, who have put themselves on a n illusory path because their real and eternal power side with who they are and not who they pretend to be.

Or, … OR, you see life itself, your own and all others as a blessing, as a treasure of love, of liberty, of happiness, as it is, having just to live together with family and friends in a natural neighborhood and then, you will experience the true power of life, the real power of the individual, you, the power that lies in you, you yourself. No system, no forged belief, no idol, no victims, you the first, but life, sweet life, blessed life. No tyranny, no slavery but a flourishing of all individualities in all that they have the best to be, to become and to give, as it is in ‘the wild’. We are not made to live a life of solitary profit, of stocking goods, stones or money to give it as an inheritance because the real and only inheritance is what you will teach others by being a great individual, a loving father, a caring husband, a good friend, a good man - woman at its best.

Yes, and He Who has set in motion the process that took 14 billion years to reach , on earth and probably elsewhere, the paradise of a green planet with a blue sky and life, and us, individuals who, whatever our color or appearance, represent the best to this day, settled among a wonderful animal life, able to understand, comprehend the world and each other, able to complement one another, to share joy, to laugh , dance, sing, play … What else do You want people ??? The last iWatch ? Know what ? If you’re the one to queue up for the last nothing that glimpses, get lost, it’s your choice. Hey, get an agenda ?? Well, stick to it … It’s YOUR time, your life Man ! And make it good, it’s your personal job down here, the sole one with an eternal reward. But the first reward is to be-come who you are, to feel fulfilled with interior peace, we are built-in to be loving creatures and every evil so little it is hurt us more deeply than with a corporal hit. 

And to all of you who look for 'The Force', 'The All Seeing Eye - the real one', 'The Spirit of all things', 'God', or 'Whatever', the real power does not lie in a system, in the future or in the past, the real power behind, the mind that wanted this universe to be what it is and nothing else, this power his here, has always been, it is everywhere and in you yourself, no need to seek anywhere at anytime, you've got it just like every being, every living creature from the ant that can carry sixty times its mass to the lion that would not carry anything unless it is food to eat in the shade. No secrets, no mysteries, no systems except one, the only one.

Now, The "system" has broken me too many times but I'm still here. The System had taken my parents and myself, then it took me two women, the mother of my children, and the love of my life. But it will never change me myself, how I feel, what I know, that what I have learned, me myself, what I love, what I believe in.

The system is US, all of us, who perpetuate it for ages without a single change, humanity entraped in false beliefs, wrong faiths, stupid traditions, to say it in one word: dumbness. The stars light up the universe and idiotic uses run the society of mankind, not only idiotic but maniac, debilitating, méchants, barbaric, not worth of the light that irradiates us all, and not only sunlight but love, beauty, sweetness, the soul lights that are imbedded in every single life being.

Dumbness and pride, ill pride. The lion is proud to be a lion … Be a lion you yourself and you’ll get the right to be proud, no less. Each lion, like all living creatures except man, is doing its best to be a lion, naturally and us, who dare to be proud like the lion, who are we ? Are we doing our best to honor life, to be good men ? The best men we can ? Yeah, Just try to side with the Life-drive and Man, you will feel good, like James Brown !! Can't explain that but, all the rest is bullshit, point to the line.

So !!! ... My Brothers & Sisters, WE have the power to change things !!! If we want ? Do We ??? 


God bless !!!

Btw, wanna stop behaving like blinds in an imaginary vision of reality ?

I once was searching for an explanation to coincidences between individuals or between an individual’s life and life itself. Well, solved that ! The most leading force in life is … Life itself. Life is far from being an hazardous event but it is an all-encompassing flow that man has the choice to blend into or to step out of it by its vanity, a 14 billion years old marvelous path to follow, with one’s original pride, to be a part of it and, more than that, to be able to bring oneself freely and openly into this path or to side out of it by believing in illusory explanations, faiths, beliefs, traditions, uses. But, no matter how we think of life, it is still here and, in between our robotic vision of life which we recite one way or another, we sometimes are in tune with it, voluntarily or not, and that’s when ‘coincidences’ happen ! Coincidences are the sight of an individual’s life meeting the flow of life, a smile of eternity inside materiality.

"I don't believe mankind has yet ever reached even its infancy seeing what we ought to be doing against what happens  ... to this time. Yeah, a Boeing is complicated but a grass leaf is complex and humanity has not yet reached the preliminary stage of understanding what complexity comes from, how it is ordained, when and how it arose, for which aim ... And if we compare how we are advanced in science to morality, the last is in the infancy of the first and has not yet departed from a mythological view of reality as the first is abusively and cheatingly trying to create a new reality, a new religion of deception.."

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