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1. Pride

Why was the first offering to God, and that God accepted, a living creature, a sheep ? (I don't speak of the gifts that pagan people usually gave to self-made deities.)

This is the story of Abel and Cain in Genesis, chapter 4.

v3: "Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the LORD."
v4: "And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. "
v5: "And the LORD had respect unto Abel and to his offering; but unto Cain and to his offering He had not respect."

Cain had two reasons to be sure his offering would be honored by God; he was the firstborn and he valued his offering as of greatest value than that of his brother because he had to work harder than Abel to produce it since it is more difficult to be a plowman than a shepherd. Cain was twice proud in advance of his domination over his smaller brother. And the result was he was not agreed by God. Why was that ??

There are a few causes to God's decision, all dependent from one another. The first is that man could not be proud of the result of working as a plowman because God had cursed the earth as is said in Genesis 3/17: " ... cursed is the ground for thy sake; in toil shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life." Man cannot put his pride into working the ground for a living because, as a result from the curse,  he could not anymore only eat fruits but had to plant and harvest as said in v18-19 : "Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field. In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken; for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

Because of the fall, man could not use God's creation to sustain himself as all the animals but he had to work for it. The earth was cursed but only in relation to man's life. Then, man could not put his pride in the result of his working the land because this work had resulted of the curse.

Add that to the error in believing that being the firstborn would give him pre-eminence over his younger brother without proving that he was worth of it, as in the case of Essav and Yaakov for instance, and one may understand that Cain was full of unjustified pride which did result in God rejecting his offer.
On the contrary, Abel was neither proud of himself nor of what he was offering because cattle grow alone without substantial work and it is the direct result of the creation goodness. Then, you might ask how God did prefer in the end the sacrifice of a living creature, a sheep to the 'fruits of the ground' ? The simple answer is because when man kills an animal to eat it, or to offer it to God, he asserts that, first he does not value life in and for itself but as a mean to prove that God, as the Creator, can do what He wants with what He has created and that man is first and foremost His instrument and not his own master, his own goal but God's creation as everything else, and then, that God agrees that man can use His creation, and values the strength man has to deploy in killing the animal, in order to please Him and to make a living with something that had not been cursed but blessed as good.

The moral aspect in conclusion of this explanation is that man cannot take pride in what he does to success in his life when using what God has created, both that is cursed or not. Pride is the primary obstacle of being agreed by God as His children and being loved by Him. Man has not to be proud of what he creates because at the beginning, he uses tools and laws that were all created by God. Pride in being who one is has no place in the life of an honorable man; pride is outlawed from the start no matter what comes afterward.

2. Order out of Chaos

The world we live in is not void of laws, laws that have reached the emergence of life and consciousness, laws that are at the origin of stars, light, heat, pure water, fresh air, beautiful flowers, rocks, trees and animals. The universe has an aim, which we would be fools to pretend to know but as much fools as not to appreciate for what it is, good. Still in Genesis, God said numerously that what He had done was good and any normally constituted person cannot but approve that qualification of what is. There is an intimate order in the world and this order has a purpose, at least in giving birth to who we are, conscious beings able to appreciate the beauty and the perfection of life. There is an immanent order from which we beneficiate daily and that we can use to grow a tremendous society of happy beings, at least in theory, but no one can deny the ability exists.

Well, not exactly no one because there are people who walk in the steps of the 'Angel of death' and deny this evidence because they do not want to consider themselves as indebted to anyone else than themselves. There are people who consider themselves as their own masters, as the supreme rulers of anything that they can exert their power upon, that put their pride before any gratitude, that are traitors to the creation and the Creator.

Those evil stringed entities thus deny any underlying order and consider the universe as born from chaos in which they would set their own rules to be the sole masters of every existence, every rock, plant and being. They thus pretend that, since there is no inherent order, they are destined to create their own order, and not only but, in that they see traces of order, they pretend they are entitled to destroy. They are the 'Lion Pride' as would have said Joseph Ehrlich, they are the destroyers, they are the children of Evil, they are the conquerors, the Nazis, the creators of all the systems that they devise to rule over humanity, all the "isms" from capitalism to communism through Christianism and Zionism, Buddhism, Islamism, Manichaeism, all of them fit their desire, every one of them is useful to pretend that they are the creators of humanity, of life. All of psychology, economy, sociology, history, psychiatry, biology ... are destined to fit their purpose of creating a world of their own, a world that does not recognize its natural godly origin and destiny.

3. How death is good to ‘them’

Well, let’s say in short why all the “isms” are evil. Although every “ism” has some truth in it, it can be used by the NWO because every “ism” is the result of man’s thought, every “ism” is the child of man’s pride to invent who he is by himself. Every “ism” is idolatry albeit hidden by its intent to be universal and ‘not for profit’. Every “ism” is excluding many other “isms” and the net rewards of these oppositions are wars and deaths, and every possible suffering in the middle. All those “isms” are the greatest culprits of the fall of humanity, well, not the fall since there has never been such a rise to speak of a fall !! The advocates of these “isms” justify all the means to achieve their aims including death and suffering which are in their satanic views necessary to fulfill their will. In such a spirit, collateral damage is more useful to them than the main destruction they inflict in the course of the New World Order that they want before all. Mengele’s suffering was more central to Hitler’s war than conquering Poland. Cancer causing products are more important than sending troops to die in Vietnam. Forbidding a vegetable garden is more vital to them than taking down the twin towers and the 3000 dead that went by it. They need to destroy the roots humanity has with itself before effectively killing people.

NB: I sincerely regret that I don't write a better english !!

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