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Eight years ago, in three months’ time, Ariel Sharon became what his original name was, literally: “a more translucent man”, Scheinerman.

A life sized doll of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who has been in a coma since January 2006, seen laying in a hospital bed, as part of an installation by Israeli artist Noam Braslavsky, 
exhibited at the Kishon gallery in Tel Aviv since October 20, 2010

Before he fell into coma, he just created his own party after the Gaza withdrawal, Kadima. Sharon entered politics over one and only one assumption: only he would be able to bring peace with the Arabs, he took it as a life's time personal duty. He witnessed the fail of Rabin, who was coerced to Oslo by Beilin and Burg at the last moment. As Sharon believed that only a rightist could do the trick and not anyone but himself, he engaged in the removal of Gaza that was in his mind the last concession before peace. Right after doing so, he fell from his dreams since everyone abandoned him and asked for new elections. Then he went for a lone run with his own party but, he at the same time began to understand that no one really wanted to achieve peace and that the Gaza withdrawal was done in vain concerning the purpose he wanted to advance but on the contrary, the new ‘free Gaza’ was destined to exacerbate the situation between the Jewish state and the Arabs.

As that fact came up to his mind, he was finished, or better said, the NWO’s Israeli arm, Shimon Peres, had to finish him as it did to Rabin who was also close to quit the conspiracy when he was murdered.

"ENNEMIES WITHIN" by Joseph Ehrlich, 2008

That reminded, what is the only legitimacy of Israel to exist ?

It must be noted that:
- there has been Jews living in Israel since the Biblical times. Not many, but there was, mainly in Jerusalem and Safed,
- Israel has never been an independent nation since the Kingdom of Judea but always an occupied country,
- until 1948, the Arabs who lived along with the Jews, the Druzes, the Christians were neither organized nor united and comprised of a few ten thousands,
- the first ‘Jews’ who came to settle in Israel before 1948 did so in empty places and did not challenge the other residents, at once.

However, the ‘Jews’ who came at the beginning were not that Jewish at all. They were brainwashed atheist Ashkenazim who were used as part of a Zionist plan hidden behind the glory of a promised land. Their religion was Communism, their future was to become the new pioneers of collective secularism. And this is what has been and still is the new Israel. No less that in France or Australia, the state is separated from religion but since the Jewish faith has become a cult, there are in Israel religious political parties who are cherished by the government no less than the normal political factions. Why ? Because faith in God must be controlled by religious leaders. Politicians are able to tackle all aspects of a society except natural faith and traditions. That is also why Israel took back from the Arabs countries the traditional Sephardi Jews in order to submit them by the established Israeli Judaism Church, and not for any other purpose. This reason applies to all traditional Jews that were living outside THE STATE, as far as Yemen, Ethiopia or even India.

Coming back to our sales (like that word of Bavarian Illuminati origin ! – meaning secret assembly), if people who called themselves ‘Jews’ had the right to come back to Israel, they didn’t have the one to make of it a Jewish state. The only reason to do so would be to renew what God asked of the Hebrews when they entered the country on their way out from Egypt at the time of Moses*. And this would beg a completely different kind of state than the one that is, the first condition being that the citizens would be neither secular nor religious but true believers, and followers of the Jewish Law (NOT the rabbinic rendering) from the suburbs to the Knesset.

To this requirement, no Jew would be any more secular or religious but all would become again Hebrews. All the school of rabbinic Torah would close, the Government would open its sessions with a prayer to God and gather at the Mount Gezerim to accomplish the last blessing of Israel that has been lacking since Josuah's time. Israel would support the moves of any people who are slaves to the NWO worldwide. The new country would also stop being an arm producer, would give away its atomic weapons and begin after some millenaries to renew with its destiny as a light unto the nations of the world, with God's help Who did promise to fight our ennemies if only we would act according to His laws ...

Beginning with this paid maniac:

"And that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams, shall be put to death; because he hath spoken perversion against the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, and redeemed thee out of the house of bondage, to draw thee aside out of the way which the LORD thy God commanded thee to walk in. 

So shalt thou put away the evil from the midst of thee"*

* And, yes, such a new Israel would be a country where (original) Jewish law would apply, as a Constitution, with some exemptions for non Jews.

And for those who are ready to shout Apartheid, LGBT rights ...
read this:
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or go to hell.

*SEE ALSO:  "You must banish evil from among you"

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