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Children want to see their parents and their people happy, and they do well to want so. Children are altruistic because they have no doubt about themselves. They just cannot envisage that they would themselves fail in what they hope to achieve in their future life. Most of them want to become adults with the ability to make things better for others.

Children have eyes, they see things as they are, they witness the grief of the adults' world, they are no strangers to their parents' struggle, to the adult world's fightings. Contrary to what we, grown up believe, children do not wish to play first but to work, to learn for help. Children put their hearts first and they all dream to see everyone happy and they very well know that they themselves cannot be happy if their environment is not, their family, their friends and society at large.

Why do you think children have nightmares ? Because, while touring the adult world with their well behaved souls, they acknowledge its shortcoming pretty accurately and, if they do not always do the math consciously, what they see, what they guess is mostly plain truth and the reality their young soul perceive is hurting because it is far from being pink as a Disney cartoon.

However, since they are who they are, they do hope first even if the evidence is overwhelming. They hope the world can improve, they hope to be able to do their part in the bettering, they can't imagine, think or feel that they couldn't succeed, that things will not get better. A child's world is a serious business. Children are serious about life, about all they do. They play seriously, laugh seriously, love or hate seriously.

Alas, we confort their dreams but we are the deceivers of these young beautiful souls We tell them: "Don't worry, just stay children, go to play, the adult world is fine, what you see is not what you will live, everything is perfect and what is not is none of your concern ... don't worry, be happy - children."

In the middle age, in aborigenal societies, in the 'Thirld World' and everywhere in poverty striken environments, children become adults at around puberty's age - if not before. When becoming 20, they are already old and responsible adults. In the so-called advanced western style societies, children remain childish until around 30. How many of us experienced a kind of wake up call to the world's reality not before the end of their twenties ? Why ?

Because first, none of us where children, children with hope to better the world. We where ousted of the reality and immersed in a fake children world cut off from the world's problems, a children's Disney world far from the normalcy of childhood as I talked about in the beginning. We as children have had no hope to help because we were told there is no need to help, that all is fine in the adult world. We have been abused; our children hearts have been put to dry up and schrink intentionally because children should not care for the world, for their parents, this is no children task. Only movies, candies and sweet dreams are good for children, castles in Spain.

This is our fall, this is our nightmare as a so-called civilized people, this is why so many grown up become egoistic, become soldiers, become over prouds, become destroyers of the values they were riped off in their childhood. No sharing, no caring, no understanding of the simple natural heart values, no morality, no nothing, just hell on earth. Loneliness, war, living as dead people for eternity.

Learning from Malala Yousafzai’s

Children want to grow up, to understand the world in order to find their place in it for its improving.
The main obstacle in the fight to become educated is that the desire for education can draw youngers to reject traditional values and faith in God, no matter how you call Him.

In the western civilization, education has not the same value it has in your country. You view education as an empowerment and this is how it should be but for kids in the west, is is sometime considered a burden. Malala’s example is useful for both. All children need education as long as it is not used as a weapon to have people think in a preconceived way to subjugate them for becoming tools of an oppressive system. As much as the Talibans are wrong to strip girls of learning, the west is wrong to give children false reasons to reject their roots and make them accept unnatural views of the society that are against morality and nature.

Children have family roots, gender characteristics and cultural traditions that should never be outlawed for the sake of an utopian egality. Boys are boys, girls are girls, Afghanis are Afghanis, Italians are Italians. We are all equals but different and all the differences are the treasure of humanity. Girls have a lot to learn as girls, as boys do, in order to become succesful women and men whatever the profession they will access but all of them should view this proceeding not as a competition between different views of which one has to overcome over the others but as complementary perceptions of a same reality, like pieces of a puzzle that help one another to create the whole picture together.

What is interesting in the desire of being the best part you can of the whole society is that by becoming successful as a part, you become yourself an accomplished whole; you are at the same time a part and a whole. That explains why it is so much important for children to receive a correct education for them to fulfill who they dream to be as much for others as for themselves.

A beautiful and heartrending poem from an Indian girl, Twisha:

“On the eve of 67th Indian Independence Day!
Amidst celebration and cheers,
I sense misery, anxiety and fear,
At 'stroke of midnight' we raised our flag high,
Emerged a country from shadows of its past, into a future which looked bright,
Sixty-seven years have passed since then,
Alas! Many of us still remain chained,
Caged and tied, I feel; under the burden of false pride,
Prejudices have scarred much of my life, snatched from me even little joys of life,
Afraid I feel to walk with my head held high, treading on green grass and enjoying nature's sights,
Strange looks and stares make me tremble, comments and sarcasm I receive in abundance,
Family, friends and foes alike, I am the sore of everybody's eye,
Success and fame are not for me, I am only made for matrimony,
To be a wife and mother of a child, are the only sources of my gratification,
Education and intellect are distant aims, for I am confined to the kitchen!
With eyes cast down and voice so low, my body and heart have borne severe blows,
'Every man is born free' but not a woman,
The land may be accessible but we are still under subjugation,
Our masters have taken different names since generations,
Their condemnations and accusations have always crushed our aspirations,
My spirit enslaved, my dreams snatched, my flight restricted and choked are my ambitions,
I am a subject of desire or despise, never taken seriously, always deprived,
But now I have vowed not to surrender, my undying courage will make them tremble,
Freedom is never given as a gift, it is won through conflicts and rifts,
Snatch with love but not with force, I will win with my conviction and you will lose even with your sword,
But till then there is no elation, as we are busy in preparation,
Battles are many, hard and long, but will to win is very strong,
My destiny, only I will write, and it will be one day, glorious and bright!
Then will ensue feasting and jubilation, how sweet will be the taste of liberation!

September 12, 2013 

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