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Let me answer first: I say YES, BUT ...

The title's question is maybe one of the greatest importance in our time. It is no question for many of us that the world is directed by a gang of satanists who rule through world institutions and governments dedicated to enslave humanity more and more. They do so by all the possible means, from money to food, from guns to education, from medias to medecine ... These modern tyrants are mostly represented by 3 regions of the planet: North America, Europe and Asia.  No matter how you call them, they are not here to vanish by their own will.

The recent Syria's conflict has just proven to be a redline for the only nation in the world that has the power and the will to become a stumbling block across their hegemony, Russia. Russia has emerged from the communist era as a broken country, maybe not as much as Irak after the Gulf war, but in a desperate state. The industry was outdated, the people exhausted and the economy devastated by the wolves of the new wild capitalist line, the oligarchs. This was 1989, 24 years ago. This situation has dragged until the beginning of year 2000 when Putin took over from Yeltsin.

In a mere 13 years, all has changed, so much so that the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill calls Putin era a “miracle of God”. The Orthodox church is not known to be on the payroll of the Powers That Be as opposed to the Vatican, the Rabbinic power or the Sunni Muslims. Putin has restored Russia's moral compass in all fields of life, economy, culture, diplomacy and religion. But, the 10,000$ question is: "Is it a front ?". Is Russia while working for itself couldn't be engaged with the NWO to offer a controlled opposition and ultimately a motive to launch a third world war ? As the National Journal puts it:

- As for Young, recent years have tested the man-crush. He still thinks the guy he interviewed would make a great fishing partner, but he dislikes the "saber rattling" he sees between Putin and Obama. "A lot of people in the outdoors world will say to me, 'Hey look what your boy Putin is doing now. I always respond: 'It's Vlad, and I'm not sure that's the real one,' " Young says.  "It's really hard for me right now, with what all is going on, to say which Putin he really is. I would like to say he's the one who answered my questions." -

Since there is practically no way to check it out, I have tried to answer the question in staring at what is available about Mr Putin recently and figure out who the man is through what he says, what he looks like and if all this is genuine. I took into account two things: How his gaze looks with innocent and sensitive creature like children and animals, and what are his interests. Well, all that I have found has not the tiniest flaw. He sincerely loves nature, is respectful, likes to read good books of 19th century authors, in a word, I truly believe that beyond his public record of restoring morality in Russian society, faith in religion and of getting out of the NWO's banking pressure, we have here a genuine man and an authentic leader.

... I still don't pretend Russia is a paradise !

Here are two among many texts where one can discover him:
One-on-One with Vladimir Putin
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And for the pics, see by yourself ...


... BUT,

Putin may be genuine, but still, there is no doubt there is an agenda beyond his achievments. We unfortunately live in a world managed by power, and before all military and economical power, not that different as it has been ever since man has gained power over his natural status, power to overcome the natural order of being, power to decide against this very natural order.

The agenda is in no way hidden, the agenda is to lead in this context of domination, of rivalry between greedy groups, nations. No group is alone in the game and each one sees his own interest at the expense of others.

The real shame of this powers' competition is that it does not represent the peoples' voices. Only the tiny leading minority has an interest in this perpetual fight, not you and me, not the vast majority of humanity who is groomed from birth to accept as normalcy his oppressed status, his collateral role. In all honesty, what do we need leaders for ? Keeping our minds shut ? We are creating our own chains by not getting united and playing of the leaders' strategy of controlled opposition at all levels, from our own neighbourhood, even families (!), upward to the state and business control.

The tiny minority profits at all ages from it while the vast majority endures the emptiness of its lives every day under the bulb. A day is 24 hours, 1440 minutes, and for a few billions on earth, every minute is a pain experiment.

What do you say Mr Putin ?

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