Sunday, September 08, 2013


One of the major problems we have in the fight against the NWO is that not enough people are espousing it. Probably the main reason in this apparent lack of concern is that the vast majority of available careers are provided by companies obedient to the capitalist world. If you are engaged in one of these jobs that are employing probably 90% of the task force, you cannot simply admit that you are working for the devil and keep on waking up every morning in a state of mind that allow you to be a part and parcel of this evil. Whatever the truth of the alternative movement, one cannot afford to support it and go on submitting to an opposite way of life. This dichotomy is overwhelming.

However, until the vast majority of the citizens worldwide will not stand up against the NWO, it will retain its domination over humanity's roadmap and its evil aims will fructify more and more until all of earth will be taken to the abyss with no return ticket. Since we cannot count on children, the only way to confront the NWO endgame is to put the seniors on the frontline. In a sense, it is a natural stand for them to uphold because they would at least regain the honor to be old in a fight that would take them back to the place which was naturally theirs in ancient times and traditional societies.

Being an elder in our fast and furious age is synonymous of being useless. That ought to be changed !! If older men and women were not put aside by the postmodern world, they would not only keep faith in themselves but transmit their hope to see a better world for their children and grandchildren. If our patriarchs were not put aside in death rows asylum, they certainly would regain their original status of being wise and worthy to be listened to.

I have noticed in many forums of the alternative press that many older people are interested and supportive on a regular basis. This is not enough. Since, as I said at the beginning, the subject of changing the world is damaging to most adults who have to cope with the devil at work in a day to day miserable life, humanity's voice of sanity is naturally devoted to the people who do not have to confront the conditions of being submitted to the fashionable upside down common drive of the industrial vice. Elders have the time and the desire to help and THEY CAN. Our grandparents have the unique opportunity to be able to understand what's at stake thanks to their experience of life and they have the ability to prove it.

They can prove and become the world's voice of sanity not only behind a computer screen but anywhere they are able to go. In the street, right near their front door, at the supermarket, at church, even at the hospital, everywhere that they are, they can become living witnesses of humanity's cry of morality. They just have to sit where they are in the outside and hold a small noticeboard to say what they are supporting. Such a move would not be without effect, especially on young people who would ask their parents or their friends what is going on !!! This would prove a WIN WIN move. To the seniors themselves, first, who would feel useful and for the society at large that would regain a unity and a kindness long lost at the hands of the divide for profit general ruling.

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