Friday, September 06, 2013


It is here Rosh Hashanah, the rabbinic new year. Less than 200 kilometers from the center of the country, there is a horrible war going on, one of the ugliest kind that could be, a mercenary war led by professional killers disguised as a civil war. Those thugs are killing families and children, are beheading in the open and are sending their atrocities on YouTube. They even used chemical gases in order to put the blame on the official regime because they drink blood like vampires. Those trained murderers are financed by two sources, the Saudis and the NWO through the CIA and the American administration like every affiliated Islamic terrorists linked to Al Qaeda and the Islamic Brotherhood (with England and Turkey in the background, all of them directed by Germany).

While those facts are happening and are threatening Israel in case of a much probable American military offensive to support the outlawed militias operating in Syria, Israelis are rejoicing, are flocking to the countryside to pray at their bbq altars. Seculars as well as religious are on the same plane of unconscious happiness. They are enjoying their petty lives and behave as if they lived on the other side of earth. I would not say that they deserve to be bombed by the Hezbollah, Iran or Syria in retaliation for their support of a more than possible American intervention because I cannot be an advocate of death but I am ashamed and angry of their stupidity and their irresponsibility as human beings.

It is not that they don't know what is happening but that they do not want to know. They just do not want to think because if they did, they would feel ashamed and this is contrary to their native desire to be more proud of themselves than any other people on earth. They applaud the Israeli government only because it fits their ego to believe the official discourse and to not challenge it. They feel superior to any other people and that is precisely what the elected representatives are telling them they are. The Israeli army is some kind of a god that cannot fail whatever happens, a golden calf that is not to be questioned in any situation.

Even Americans are not that dumb and they dare to criticize the president and the administration. Here it is not so. The seculars do criticize the religious and vice versa but no one has the tiniest doubt toward the government and its actions. Israelis are the perfect sheep and I believe there is not one nation on earth where the government has no need to prove what it wants because no one is challenging it. The Israeli government since its creation has been an accomplice to the NWO and if it was not clear before, it should now ... if only the Israelis opened their eyes, but no one is more blind than one that do not want to see. 

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