Sunday, September 22, 2013


We are not enough being 'awaken' to the decimation of mankind.
This is the main obstacle to humanity's freedom out of the oppression from a gang of tyrants.
The people in charge, everywhere on earth control the money, the jobs, the guns.
The oppressed, we, are the majority, but a silent  one.
They are controlling us more and more, they are killing us with no end in sight.

The solution is with us if only we were enough to voice it.
The first thing to change the game is to propagate the word and rise the many who stand still.
Internet is not enough, we need a direct way of awakening, we must take it to the street.
Free speech is a right but a controlled one.
Anglo Saxons are very smart at giving rights only to control - AND PERVERT - them.

We have the right to say what we want, but not anywhere.
The basic example is Speaker's Corner at Hyde park.
Or, most recently, Free Speech Zones On College Campuses.
What we need to do is taking our right to free speech everywhere, from the front door
to the town plaza, the bus station, the shopping mall, everywhere.

BECAUSE the most important thing to liberate us is less to fight the ennemy within than
getting united. It is less to oppose the tyrants than to create our own freedom and loving society.
Instead of leading a fight against an ennemy that has all the powerful cards at hand and denouncing its unending abuses of our rights to remain human beings, we ought to unite, door after door, street after street and begin to live together, sharing our ressources, material and spiritual and rise the consciousness by creating small blocks of citizens who love and help each others as it always should have been.

The time has come that we must not rely anymore on leaders of any kind but on ourselves.
We, people, are so used to have leaders that we don’t even think of acting out from ourselves.
We must take it in our own hands and rise from the ground the society that will provide us life,
happiness, light, love, friendship ... TOGETHER.
The only and real way to achieve that is a neighbourhood awakening. We do not have to reach the
White House,

Our neighbors are our best friends, our neighbors are the way and the target, 
mankind's paradise is next door !!!

Unless we are not able to live together, we do not deserve better than what we have. We have to prove what we want, we just have to show the way, we need to be kind to each other, to be grateful of the fact that, as human beings, we possess the ability to help each other and not live our lives like strangers. We are all of one kind, let's act appropriately and not the other way.
"They" oppress us because we are divided and don't pay attention, don't help and love each other. "They" have an easy game, after all until we prove them wrong ...

Let me add that the perfect subject is the war with Syria. It is an accepted fact relayed by the mainstream media that the 'Rebels' are affiliated with Al Qaeda. So, why the hell would the US, England or France want to support an offspring of Al Qaeda against a sovereign country ? This is the best opportunity to have our neighbours rub their brain, if ever !! This opportunity must be and remain our "DELENDE NWO", even before 9/11 or any other false flag.


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