Monday, August 29, 2016


1. Georges VS. Louis : The showdown

I have for some time acknoledged that the PTBs are divided into two factions that, although they agree on the main objective that is to pressure the people, they do remain divided upon their origins as well as their means to maintain their goal on the long term. 

The first/old PTB historically is represented by the European nobilities of old, the industrial power, the churches (mainly Christian, Jesuits / Shimon Peres), the nationalists = Louis. 

The second/new PTB was born with the financial power of banks (Ashkenazi "Jews" / Bibi N.), the communist principles and the Anglo-American millitary power that took the lead at the end of the 19th century and definitely from the end of the 2nd World War until today = Georges.

This is about to change and it will not happen without lots of turmoil of which we witness the first effects. I will call the old-PTB : the Old World Order / OWO and keep the name New World Order / NWO for the new-PTB.

The beginning of the fall of the NWO can be traced to the day Russia got rid of the oligarchs that were destined to replace the communist regime and take orders from the Anglos. 

The European countries are divided in their allegance toward the two PTBs. France has been a voluntary puppet of the NWO since 1870 and Germany a dominated associate since 1945 as Italy and Spain since the fall of Franco. But inside each country, elements faithful to the OWO have remained strong and are raising their heads again. 

The last part of the game is playing right now under our eyes and that's why I come back to geopolitics for a while because I do not see in any alternative press a true understanding of today events that cannot be fully comprehended without the distinction I am doing about the two PTBs' factions.

Russia since Putin belongs to the OWO and, despite an active pro-NWO force, what happens in Syria for a year and a half gives credit that the pro-Anglos have been taken under control. 

America's military dominance is coming to an end together with the financial game of the NWO that is facing a dead end, in practice and in reputation. The NWO has thrown the dices once too often and the question now is : will it go until making the world explode in order to have a last bet at keeping its lead ?

2. Since 2 months, I've been scratching my head about the upcoming US election and the prospect of a Neocons victory that would translate into WW3 which is not something to wait for near the fireplace with a cigar.

In precedent posts about that, I've rewed many options but this one: Hillary was voted in the Dem's chair with knowingly flaws that could stall her even before the 8th of november. Why ? On the other side, Trump presents himself as a low qi clown. 

Well, Reagan was an actor and the electorate has been since dumbed down so much that the next president doesn't need more that what Trump is saying to vote for him. 

The real and unique consensus is, has been and always will be, from up to down and the contrary: 
"Get things as usual, a ball and a beer, no less, no more". 

Globalism has a bullet in the skin. The PTB's faction of the Neocons, NWO, has entered a dead path, both militarily and economically and is seeking a way out because the other side, the OWO, that is more nationalist and conservative has gained enough power (militarily at least with Russia) to say stop.

The Neocon's goals have been achieved to their maximum under Obama, war on differents fronts, illegals everywhere in the west, arms sales at the top, police enpowered and surveillance brought to a never known level. Good job. Now, calm things down and get the profits soar some more. Even foster one or two more wars and financial crashes here and there = poker game.

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