Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Unfortunately, I haven't had time to finish a text explaining my view about the NWO infighting and its separation into two factions, but what I've said in my last article, Belly Ballots should be enough to get the point with the addition of knowing that France has been willingly siding with the 'new-NWO' - Anglo-Saxons/satanists until now.

I don't believe that France has fundamentally changed but that it is giving a sign to the Anglos that they ought not going too far in their hawkish stance because France nonetheless stands in the heart of the 'old-NWO' and is not ready to compromise the balance between the two factions. France is at the helm of a bourgeois' dominated world and it will never be ready to follow an aristocracy of any kind anytime.

This is the purpose of the meeting of the two François, so well named in that context ...
On a side line, Hollande expressed "the gratitude of the french people" to cut some grass under the feet of Marine Le Pen.

Let not the Anglos forget that, although they have hijacked the compass and triangle, 
the masonic handshake is a fully european attribute historically ...

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