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No matter who you vote for, the system will go on as usual.

As I said, the one and only true vote is:

But today, unfortunately, 
since everything is rigged from top to down ... and the contrary,
this nearly means:

get to the forest and build yourself a hut !!!

One small observation however, the article where I picked the above graphic ends by supporting Trump as the last chance for America to step out of the NWO hawks' claws, as many do in the alternative press. 
I would like to endorse this view because of only one reason that is, Trump might not raise the bids for war with Russia, or anyone else for that purpose, and the last thing our planet needs is just that, war.

But I would remain cautious because all the matrix seems to support Hillary, and that would perhaps be their last trick for Trump to step onboard, and who knows what do they intend in the end *** because, no doubt, Trump is theirs too, from scratch & all along.

 No smoke without a fire ...
no smoke without a fire ...

So my point is, to get a clue about that, one has to understand that there are two factions inside the NWO fighting for control as I have explained here, in a word, 

the "old one" of EU kings, the Pope, Peres, Putin / Trump ... 

and the "new one" of Anglo-Americans, rich "Jews", Abe, Bibi / Clinton*...

You can also separate the two as Liberalists vs. Marxists, or else as financiers vs. industrialists.

*nb considering my insight on that supposed rift inside the NWO, the Bushes side with the Clintons. As you can notice, right and left are not relevant in such a case

(check: "If the fact Neocons are now supporting Hillary Clinton confuses you, read this")


"New NWO" End Game

Something big is brewing out.

Hillary is Deadly ill, see here.
She can vanish out anytime.
"They" know, of course.

Then why chose her at this point and furthermore when she is becoming the most hated woman in the world ??

Wikileaks' Assange is playing the game big time, only in reverse mode. He's in too from start, as is Snowden. (Should I precise: they are on the paylist of the NWO of old)

The "new NWO" (see above) is on the wire for numerous reasons:

- there is no more industrial base in the US / UK

- all the world's wealth is kinda virtual

- a major financial crisis is looming, fast (subprimes come back - Wells Fargo, China ...)

- America's military dominance is sinking quickly (Russia/China)

And more but one, the "old NWO" is shouting wolf.

So then, the trick would be to have Hillary pass away soon and just before the election, provoke a financial crisis and ... declare war, or martial law, or both, or anything else that would enable them to stay on board.

Just a - scary - guess, but somehow justified, I believe

Then, look at that:

Obama to cancel 2016 elections after emergency declared !
(couldn't find the original statement)

This is old news, fully 'conspiracist', but ... in light of Hillary now probable vanishing ...
(also here, here & here)

Two other disturbing events, and although the second might not seem related to our subject, it might be more than one could imagine ...

Obama admits US must partner Russia beat Isis ... WTF such a change ???

U.S. government to lift ban on part-human, part-animal embryos ... Who knows what "they" ALREADY have in stock somewhere ??? And to what purpose ...

But this time, it will not be GM mosquitoes.

"They" have for a long long time accustomed the masses to believe deep inside their idiotic minds that there may be aliens among us that look human.
See also the huge "reptilian" fake theories together with the zombies entertained that they are a too much possible reality ...

In any case, "they" have for sure a handful of differents scenarios.

My last point is that this year is like no other:

"They" use Islamist attacks in full gear in order to arm the police in EU while in the US, the cops themselves play the game, and more. You now get an armed faction of Black lives matter !

There are many ramping conflicts in the world where the US are involved directly or by alliances: Kashmir, South China Sea, Ukraine,  ... don't remember the list but there's a lot !

Ha Ha !!!
Here's one smart fellow ...

must read :

SO, so, the question is, if not Hillary nor Trump ... then who / or what ???

Well, Saddam and Mouammar did not say anything else ...

see also: Obama wants a third term and this is how he could make it happen
               If Donald Trump Wins US Election, Will Hillary Clinton Nullify Results Because Of Vladimir Putin ?

related: Voters’ biggest reason for supporting a candidate is not actually their policies, but because they’re not the other candidate !

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