Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Two weeks ago, there has been a small but highly significant event that has been largely ignored, an apparent shift in the UK foreign policy toward Russia. "Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his British counterpart Boris Johnson have discussed the normalization of bilateral relations".

In the aftermath of which, Theresa May phoned Putin and "both leaders expressed dissatisfaction with the current state of UK-Russia relations and pledged to improve ties."

I recently wrote that Brexit was the result of a need of independance from the EU for Britain to support the US in case of a war with Russia ... Well, maybe it was the contrary and Britain wanted to be considered NOT supporting the US in such a case.

If so, that would be quite stange and the motive of not supporting America must be some extraordinary - dreadful plan from the superpower that is feeling cornered as a hunted boar,
Army-Geddon !
Or maybe it would resolve with "A Thousand Balls of Flame"

The US today can only count on very few nations to support them, Saudi Arabia, Japan ... ?

In Syria, Washington is ready to sell its skin the highest price as the lone wolf that it has become:
"Pentagon says US ready to target Russian & Syrian planes in Syria".

"Washington is losing all credibility in the strategically pivotal region because it has for too long pivoted between criminal schemes and duplicity.", on foreign diplomacy, while internally, the US stands "at a point where the encroachment of government power that has historically resulted in some form of a rebellion against said power."

What you did to oppose Vietnam,
Fought by YOUR "elected" Gvt 

Two years ago, “Majd” wrote these words on a Facebook posting:

“I am Syrian… living in Syria in the middle of everything. We have seen horrors. It was never a revolution nor a civil war. The terrorists are sent by your goverment. They are al Qaeda Jabhat al Nusra Wahhabi Salafists Talibans etc and the extremist jihadists sent by the West, the Saudis, Qatar and Turkey. Your Obama and whoever is behind him or above him are supporting al Qaeda and leading a proxy war on my country.

We thought you are against al Qaeda and now you support them.

The majority here loves Assad. He has never committed a crime against his own people… The chemical attack was staged by the terrorists helped by the USA and the UK, etc. Everyone knows that here.

American soldiers and people should not be supporting barbarian al Qaeda terrorists who are killing Christians, Muslims in my country and everyone.

Every massacre is committed by them. We were all happy in Syria: we had free school and university education available for everyone, free healthcare, no GMO, no fluoride, no chemtrails, no Rothschild IMF- controlled bank, state owned central bank which gives 11% interest, we are self-sufficient and have no foreign debt to any country or bank.

Life before the crisis was so beautiful here. Now it is hard and horrific in some regions.

I do not understand how the good and brave American people can accept to bomb my country which has never harmed them and therefore help the barbarian al Qaeda. These animals slit throats and behead for pleasure… they behead babies and rape young kids.

They are satanic. Our military helped by the millions of civilian militias are winning the battle against al Qaeda. But now the USA wants to bomb the shit out of us so that al Qaeda can get the upper hand.

Please help us American people. They are destroying the cradle of civilization. Stop your government.

Impeach that bankster puppet you have as president… support Ron Paul or Rand or anyone the like who are true American patriots. but be sure of one.thing..if they attack and I think they will….it will be hell.

Be sure that if it were to be a world war, many many will die. Syria can and will defend itself and will sink many US ships. Iran will go to war..Russia and China eventually if it escalates… and all this for what ? For the elites who created al Qaeda through the US government and use it to conduct proxy wars and destabilize countries which do not go along with their new world order agenda !!?

American people…you gotta regain control of your once admirable country. Now everyone hates you for.the.death you bring almost everywhere.

Ask the Iraqis…the Afghans…the Pakistanis…the Palestinians…the Syrians…the Macedonians and Serbs…the Libyans…the Somalis…the Yemenis ….all the ones you kill with drones everyday. Stop your wars, Enough wars. Use diplomacy..dialogue…help..not force.”

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